Chicken Penyet and Capcai Seafood at Wong Solo Restaurant

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There is a restaurant that has a long history of fame in the center of Lhokseumawe. In reality, there are now several branches of this restaurant in other Aceh cities. This time, I'd like to discuss dining and restaurants in Lhokseumawe.

At Jalan Darussalam, Lancang Garam, Banda Sakti, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh, Indonesia, the eatery known as "Ayam Penyet Wong Solo" serves Indonesian cuisine. You can find this eatery at the coordinates 5.1814976, 97.1449381 if you open it in Google Maps.

Only 200 meters separate the area from Jalan Free West, the city's main causeway, which is close to the main road in the city's core. Near the city entrance, on the right side of the street, lies this eatery with unusual green and orange decor. Several auxiliary buildings and a sizable parking lot are present at this eatery.

Black-painted iron construction makes up this restaurant's exterior. Red, black, orange, and green are the primary colors of this restaurant overall. There are auxiliary features available, such as hygienic restrooms, prayer spaces, and sinks.

There are chairs and floor space available on both floors of this eatery. You can select a cozy seat and indulge in the food at your leisure. You will be welcomed by a parking attendant when you arrive at the parking lot.

The doors on the left and right allow access to the restaurant. When you enter, a server will welcome you and hand you a menu. This restaurant serves a variety of regional dishes, seafood, appetizers, veggies, and a wide range of drinks.

I ordered two servings of chicken penyet and one portion of capcai, the most popular item on the menu here. I selected warm lemon tea and bottled beverages for my libations. Your food will shortly be placed on the table, so don't wait too long.

You can observe the cooking process up close because the kitchen is located in the space. They uphold standards for cleanliness and taste. It is evident from the organization of space and cleanliness of the cooking room.

The "Ayam Penyet Goreng/Fried Chicken Penyet" menu consists of rice, fried chicken, green chili sauce, fried eggplant pieces, cucumber slices, cabbage, and mustard leaves for one serving. This green chili sauce is made from ground green chili that has been stir-fried with a variety of spices and seasonings. Both the fried rice and the chicken penyet are flavorful and simple to chew.

The properly cooked boiling and frying process is probably what made the chicken meat so soft. This chicken tastes as though it has been seasoned with unique pepper and salt blends. The dish is complemented by fried cucumber slices, mustard leaves, and eggplant slices.

The sambal is what makes this cuisine unique. Without its distinctive chili sauce, chicken penyet cannot be fully appreciated. The chili sauce, which has a distinct flavor and a level of heat that makes your face sweat, is jabbed into the chicken.

This term refers to veggies. Vegetables of many varieties are combined to make capcai. In order to further enhance the savory and exquisite flavor of the sauce, it is further combined with shrimp and eggs.

This sauce is quite tasty because to the mixture of spices and the chopped veggies. Eggs thicken and enhance the flavor of the gravy in the interim. These vegetables are well prepared since they appear supple and delicate when I eat them.

This restaurant can hold hundreds of customers even though it doesn't appear to be very large. I advise you to go to this restaurant. This restaurant has a level of comfort when you eat food in addition to a variety of delectable cuisine selections.

For two portions of Ayam Penyet Goreng, one serving of capcai, bottled beverages, and lemon tea, the price falls into the regular and affordable range and is roughly IDR 75 K. When we are inside, we feel more at ease thanks to the lighting and furnishings in the room. This restaurant's staples include speedy food and amiable service in addition to its standard menu of dishes.

For this restaurant, I have given 4 stars. Please share your thoughts in the comments section if you plan to eat at this restaurant.

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