Poor children need quality nutrition!

In my years at school I had one thin sandwich spread with peanut butter and syrup every day for the lunch break.

The African sun used to fry that thin sandwich in my case into a hard crunchy biscuit like mess. Nutritional? No!
But at least I was thankful to have something to eat.
Now what would one do about poor children that go to school hungry with nothing to eat?
Come and see.

Yesterday 2021/02 Marian of @papilloncharity handed over 46,636 meals for poor school children to the CEO of the Imibala feeding project.

This is what one of the packets in the big bags looks like and there are 10 feedings in each of these packets.
545 big bags and each bag gives us 80 servings.

But why do I say that these are nutritious meals for the children?
Would a pie, or a sausage roll be better than this for each child?

I have posted about the Imibala Trust a year before and you can see that post HERE

Papillon is very careful when partnerships with other Non-Profits are considered and we are pleased to announce our new formal partnership with the Imibala group.

Here we have the pottery teacher preparing her class room before the opening of the new year.

Imagine never working with clay before, and here is an example of some clay figures done by the proud new learners.

A clay collage with the learners hands mounted on the wall here, to serve as a splash guard.

Here is another collage with the learners artworks.

These are the painting and drawing teachers also preparing for the new term.

My favorite painting done by one of the learners.

Some other examples of the learners art works.

Finally a Cape Vulture on show here.

Now here's some more great news!

Imibala concentrates on holistic teaching and this year Papillon will start a new free coding training project for the children.

This is the new computer training center!
Coding Training 2021.jpg

So, yes, this is a food community and surely nutritious food, especially formulated for children and families, plays a big role at what we do at Papillon.
But education leads to true empowerment and a hungry child cannot pay attention very well.
Problem solved!

And that's all folks and I apologize should anyone find this post offensive.

Permit me to end with my favorite picture about our adventures at Papillon.
Ligstad kids says Thank you to papillon.jpg

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