Exotic Food From The Red Sea of Saudi Arabia

Have a wonderful day, Tuesday everyone!

I would like to share with you my latest story about the seashell that I found two days ago. After almost two years of not allowed to take a bath in the sea, lately, we got free from the lockdown and free to swim once again.

My purpose was not just swimming time but picking up some seafood. These are exotic food for the Arab people. They are not fond of eating seashells or seaweeds. They only eat fishes. Because I am a Filipina, no matter what they said, I insisted on picking up different seashells.

According to my boss, they could not believe that I would eat the creepy looks stone, referring to the shells. It has different shapes and different tastes.

I got a good time picking up the shells while my body soaked into the seawater. The sun was slightly covered with clouds in the morning so we just enjoy the early sun rays.


When I got home, I cooked the shell and enjoy eating alone. I miss these foods.


I cooked white rice and a gravy made of vinegar and finely sliced garlic. The garlic prevents the high risk of blood pressure. So I made a lot on it.

Do you see how it looks inside and how delicious these seashells?


Another variety of seashells.

One of those black and harder meat inside. It has different tastes and textures too.

The tiny clams have a sweet taste most especially when I cooked them with soup and moringa. It is good for milking a mother to her infant.

This is a shell with a thin wide shape and the meat is just a small one. I got this because of the shell itself. I can make it something for decoration purposes.

Look at the tiny black meat but the taste is good.


Have you noticed the outer and inner parts of the shell? They have an incredible shape. The meat is hidden inside like a spiral in form and I got it out using a needle.

How to do perfect cooking?

Please clean and brush the seashell. Let them remove their bowel for 6 hours.

Make a heat with the pan or casserole. Put the seashell quickly without water. Because of the heat, the meat will come out and die outside. What I mean, they will not stay on the inner part of the shell then we could not get it out quickly.
Add a little amount of warm water and bring it to a boil for 20 minutes. Avoid overcooked, it would be harder to get out the meat when overcooked.

Seashell is one of my favorite food. During childhood, we just went to the seashore and pick what we loved to eat. It has good benefits to our health if we have iodine deficiencies.

The employer does not eat seafood aside from fishes and shrimps. And I am the only one eating the seafood when I picked it.

Aquatic resources in the Read Sea are abundantly rich and resourceful. They have offseason to let the eggs of the fishes hatch without disturbance for six months.

More stories about their amazing harvest of different variety of fishes when the offseason lifted.

My first-day swimming after two years must have a selfie. Hahaha.

Thank you and I hope that you love reading my blog today.

Please understand me if you feel bad why I eat that seashell. Not all people eat it and I am sorry if you feel disgusting.


Gif credit to @gremayo

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