From the field to the table - pumpkin pie - recipe

This beautiful pumpkin fruit comes to us from South America, but today it is found in almost every garden in Banat, that is how pumpkins ripened in my garden.

Pumpkin is a very attractive autumn food, which is due to its exceptional orange color and taste, and today more and more often pumpkins are made into various desserts, soups or baked goods.


This season, I also planted this beautiful pumpkin in my garden, which looks so beautiful behind the dark green leaves, its orange color stands out, it is impossible not to notice.

This pumpkin of extremely beautiful appearance is called Musquee de Provence, the name is French, it is mainly used in bakery products because it goes well with the dough and is great for baking. It is popular for Halloween because of its shape and very orange color,

So I decided to make a pumpkin pie, I adore when the smell of roasted pumpkin spreads around the house, a real autumn idyll.




  • 500 g grated pumpkin

  • a package of ready-made thin pie crusts

  • oil

  • sugar

  • 100 g of raisins

  • 100 g of semolina


pour oil into one cup, then put one crust that you coat with oil, then put another crust, then coat it with oil and finally put a third crust.


When you have put the third peel over, spread the grated pumpkin over it.


Then we sprinkle the pumpkin that we spread over the peel with sugar, and at the end we put raisins.



In the end, you can sprinkle one spoonful of semolina over everything, the semolina will collect the liquid and the pie will be softer. Then roll into a roll and arrange in a pre-oiled pan.




Coat each rolled pie with oil, turn the oven to 180 degrees to warm up and then put the pie to bake for about 40 minutes until it gets a golden color.


When the pie cools down a bit, cut it and serve it. The pumpkin pie is very tasty. In addition to the wonderful taste, it will fill your home with a wonderful scent.


Your Maya

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