Soup Mandu Mushroom Spicy, Perfect for Rainy Season

Some time ago, I made some suop mandu mushroom spicy. I'm curious about Korean food called Mandu. Finally, I bought food in one of the online shops. I was bought mandu with a kosher category. Where it comes from, Mandu mixed with pork. I was thinking if Mandu looks like pangsit in Indonesia. It's just shaped different


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

I tried to mix it with the soup I made. That's pretty good. However, this bread spoils quickly if cooked too long. So if you're going to make mandu soup like me, you don't overcook Mandu. At Korea, The Mandu is made with a mixture of vegetables and meat then rolled in thin dumplings. This food was created by a Chinese military expert named Zhuge Liang

At first, this food was prepared for ancestral ceremonies. However, over time, this food has become one of the mandatory foods in winter. There is an interesting story about Mandu. During the Goryeo kingdom, Mandu became food for people on a date. Because of its good taste, this food becomes a fine meal with a good love story.



Picture By Nurdiani Latifah


In the country of origin (Korea Selatan), the bun is cooked in two ways, namely boiled and steamed. I sometimes fry if I'm lazy to cook. Boiled Mandu named Mandutguk. Cook with all kinds of vegetables of course with beef broth. For the Mandu that is served steamed, the Mandu is named Jjjin-Mandu. In fact, in their home country, they can be cooked in the summer. How to cook it by adding beef broth, but has a different name. The Mandu cooked in summer is called Pyeonsu.

For the food I cook, I don't use cow broth. I added some vegetables I had. I also added a piece of chicken into the soup. And I also added gochujang sauce and chili powder. It's the first time I've made this food, but don't worry about the taste of this food. It's pretty good and I'll try it again. Actually, my tongue still feels strange with the Korean sauce. But, it's been getting along lately.



Picture by Nurdiani Latifah


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

The Ingredients Use

1#. Mandu
2#. Toge, to taste
3#. Oyster mushrooms, to taste.
4#. Onion, to taste. I use quite a lot
5#. Egg

The Seasoning Use

1#. Gochujang sauce, to taste
2#. Sugar, to taste.
3#. Chili sauce to taste
4#. Tomato sauce, to taste
5#. Chili powder, to taste.
6#. Soy sauce, to taste
7#. Oyster sauce, to taste.


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

Step by Step

1#. Wash all the materials to be used. After that, cut all the ingredients. Starting from onions and vegetables

2#. Saute onions until golden brown and fragrant. Then, add the vegetables. Wait until it wilts.

3#. After the vegetables are wilted, add egg. Previously, this egg had to be beaten first, then stirred when it entered the pan.

4#. After a little cooked, you add water. The water used is according to your taste. Wait until the water boils a little.

5#. After boiling and the chicken looks cooked, add the spices that have been mixed well. Don't forget to enter the mandu. You just wait for 5 minutes until the soup is cooked.

6#. Soup is ready to be served. You can eat with warm rice.



Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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