How to Make Tempe Orek, Tempe Was Written in 19th Century Old Jawa

Some time ago, I made this dish. This is my favorite food, I make tempe orek. Every time I buy food at warteg, Tempe Orek becomes a mandatory menu that I have to buy. But, before I give this recipe, I will first tell you the history of tempeh.

Tempe is one of the typical foods from Indonesia. Currently, Tempe is known throughout the world. This food comes from fermented soybeans. Did you know, this food is a super food because of its many benefits. In Indonesia, many processed foods from Tempe. For example Tempe Bacem, Melan and others. For those of you who don't know, this food is not influenced by other countries.


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Story Tempe is Written on Serat Centini Book

In Indonesia, there are many foods that are part of other cultures. I was quite impressed with tempeh, where tempeh was written in 19th century Old Jawa. This shows that Tempe was discovered thousands of years ago. In Serat Centhini, it is written about examples of tempeh, tempeh, and tempeh. In fact, in the book, tempeh is eaten raw with sprouts and chili sauce made from grated coconut.

The story of tempeh is told in five volumes, a total of 12 volumes. In the book, tempeh is a daily meal. In the book, tempeh is served at weddings. Tempe served at the wedding of Amongraga and Tambangraras. This is amazing. Currently, there are no tempe dishes at the wedding. Both in Sundanese and Javanese culture.



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There is No Complete History About Tempe

However, until now it is not known who first created tempe. There is no complete history that discusses which area first produced tempeh. I only know that tempeh comes from Central Java or East Java. Currently, several regions have produced a lot of tempeh.


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In Indonesia, tempeh is a symbol of poverty. This is because tempeh is relatively cheap and is consumed by the middle class people until lower class. At the beginning, I explained Tempe is fermented from soybeans. Well, soybean is a very cheap agricultural production.

Until now, soybean prices are sold very cheaply. This is what makes tempeh consumed by middle class people until lower class. Even so, we need to thank the researchers. Because of them, Tempe is known by all levels of society. And is considered a food that has many benefits.



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Because tempeh has many benefits, the strata of tempeh are also changing. Another thing, Tempe has a philosophy for the Javanese people. If you look at a harmonious family, you can see how they cook tempeh. If it tastes good, the family is considered a harmonious family. On the other hand, if tempeh is cooked less well, the family is less harmonious.


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The Ingredients Use

1#. One medium size tempeh

2#. Three green chilies

3#. Two pieces of garlic

4#. Three red onions

5#. Mushroom broth, to taste

6#. soy sauce, to taste

7#. Oyster sauce, to taste

8#. Sweet soy sauce, quite tasty


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Step by Step

1#. Cut all the ingredients to be cooked. Cut according to your taste.

2#. Prepare a frying pan and oil. Then fry Tempe first. I fried tempe not long ago.

3#. After it looks dry. You can lift it and dry it. Don't forget to turn off the pan. Prepare the chopped green onions and chilies.

4#. Add a little cooking oil and the chopped onions and green chilies. Once fragrant, add the fried tempeh. Stir and add water.

5#. Add mushroom broth, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sweet soy sauce. Mix well. Wait until the water boils and absorbs. I waited for 10 minutes.

6#. Tempe Orek is ready to eat. I added rice to enjoy the tempeh orek


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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