Toster Bar - The best burger in Novi Sad, Serbia

Today I am sharing one of my favorite food spots in Novi Sad - Toster bar! This place has two locations in the city center, one with an upstairs area where you can sit down and eat and the other, smaller one just has a few sitting tables outside and it's more of a 'pick up and go' spot. Mirai and I visited both, so here are some photos to share.



Simple but still cool looking space with some interesting details that I couldn't capture because I don't feel comfortable taking photos when there's people sitting, eating or waiting for their food. So this photo of an area that was empty at that moment is all I have when it comes to ambiance. I also have to mention that staff here is very kind and friendly, they have a super chill vibe same as the place itself which is something I really like.


Location 1


For my first time in Toster bar, I have decided to try their XXL Toster Burger and Mirai went for Toster pljeskavica - pljeskavica is a Serbian style fast food, kind of similar to burgers. We also shared fries with cheese. As we were waiting for our food, I thought that maybe I made a mistake when ordering XXL and that I won't be able to finish all of it but I was wrong! This burger was so delicious there was nothing left, lol. Fries with cheese were incredible too and Mirai really liked his food choice. We both agreed that it's one of the best food places in Novi Sad!


Location 2

On Saturday night we were meeting my friends so before that, we stopped by the smaller Toster Bar spot that was on our way and this time I got their standard cheese burger, Mirai got bacon cheese burger and we shared chilli con carne fries. Once again, everything was so delicious and we pretty much demolished our food. While we were waiting, delivery guys on bikes kept coming to pick up the orders all the time which is also a sign that this place is doing well and for a good reason!


Overall, I would give this place 10/10 and I'm definitely recommending it to my local and foreigner friends as a must visit when in Novi Sad!


Photos taken by @nikolina with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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