Random tour of Belgrade's restaurants and cafes

Continuing the Belgrade diaries, in today's post I want to share a bunch of places my boyfriend and I got to visit during his stay here.

Fancy dining

Not something I'm used to, but visiting these two places was a nice experience. On the left we have Buddha Bar where we had dinner one night. I have to say that out of all the restaurants and cafes I have ever visited, this place had the best music! On the right is Salon 1905 is a super fancy place and probably has the most beautiful interior design I have seen - the photo I took doesn't do its justice. Food and wine was really good, again fancy meals I have never tried before so it was interesting to taste something different.

Our first coffee date

I am going out of order, but this was our first coffee date - well I had a coffee and Mirai had this amazing dessert that I had to take a photo of and it doesn't really show how big this cup was. The place is called Coffee Dream and that's exactly how I felt and how my coffee tasted!

Super Vok Asian food

From fancy dining to street food - we have tried it all. At Super Vok they had a few Thai dishes so I got one since I didn't have Thai food since I was in Thailand in 2017. It was good but not as good as in Thailand even though the food was made by Asians - you can actually watch them cook from the outside through the glass windows.

Drinks at Dorcoleta

Another nice place we went for a dring one night was Dorcoleta. We just had one cocktail and from where we were sitting, we had this view. I also really liked the interior design of this bar, you cannot tell on these photos but it leads all the way on the left and it's quite big.

Walter cevapi

Mirai is actually the biggest fan of cevapi at Walter so we had to go have a portion. We got the small ones so you cannot even see cevapi inside but they are there, haha. Together with kajmak and onions/cabbage it makes a perfect combination.

Coffee break at Negro cafe

After long walks around the city, we would often take coffee breaks as we are both coffee lovers. On one of those days, we decided to check out Negro cafe and I have to say that we both fell in love with the interior design of this place, I liked the chairs the most! Instead of simple cafe latte or cappuccino I usually go for, I ordered what I think it's called black mocha, if I remember correctly but I do remember it was delicious!

Milky pancakes

I guess we haven't learned the lesson in Novi Sad, when every time we would order pancakes, we couldn't finish them so one pancake to share is just the right amount. But we wanted to try different ones and we thought Milky pancakes might be a little bit smaller/thinner but we were wrong - they were stuffed with fillings. I got the kinder bueno one with plazma (our popular grounded biscuit) and berries. Mirai got nutella one with plazma and bananas. Of course, we had to try each other's and they were both delicious but I still couldn't finish mine.

Josephine cocktail bar & restaurant

We ended up going to Josephine two times - one during the day for coffee and one for a dinner date. It is one of the fancy places with an interesting concept, inspired by Josephine Baker.

For dinner we both had pasta carbonara, Mirai recommended it to me and he wasn't wrong - even though it might seem like a simple food choice that is very common, it was really delicious. Josephine's cocktail selection is very unique and since they didn't have my favorite Mai Tai, the waiter recommended something similar. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the cocktail but it was extremely good! I would definitely get it again. We also had a dessert that we shared, a chocolate cake that was super nice.

Traditional restaurant Dva Jelena

Translated from Serbian to English, Dva Jelena - the Two Deer restaurant is an authentic Serbian restaurant where tourists and locals would go for a unique Serbian ambiance, music and food. We had Serbian cheese pita as a starter and I ordered stuffed chicken medallions rolled into a thin slice of bacon with grilled potatoes and veggies on the side. Mirai had his favorite Karadjordjeva snicla (Karadjordje schnitzel).

A cake and a photo of me xD

Random cake we shared at the cafe on top of the Rajiceva shopping mall where we had another coffee break. This banana cake was so delicious, very light and not too sweet, great combination with coffee. Finally, there is a rare photo of me I have as I would always take photos of the food, drinks and interior design, haha.

Thank you for coming along our food and drinks experience in Belgrade, I hope you liked it and if there's something from this post you would really love to try, let me know what it is. :)


Photos are mine taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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