Lazin Salas - Authentic Vojvodina cuisine and ambiance - Novi Sad, Serbia

Today I want to share with you one my favorite authentic Vojvodina restaurants. Vojvodina is a province of Serbia, taking up the northern part of the country and Lazin Salas gives an unique Vojvodina ambiance, food and music.



Every time I visited Lazin Salas, I have heard at least a couple foreigner languages or just people taking orders in English so it seems like it's a popular place for tourists to come and enjoy authentic vibes and cuisine. Locals also love this place and with a location in the city center of Novi Sad, it is very hard to resist. :)

With an outdoors closed area (perfect for cold weather) and spacious indoors, chances of finding a free table without reservation are pretty high unless it's weekend nights - that's when Lazin Salas kind of turn into a going out place which I experienced two times and it was fun!

Mirai and I visited Lazin Salas two times during his stay in Novi Sad and both times we were at the outdoors closed area so that's where I took these photos.



Mirai actually visited Serbia multiple times (Belgrade only) and one of his favorite meals to eat here is called Karadjordjeva snicla (Karadjordje's schnitzel) so of course, I had to find a place where he can try it during his first visit in Novi Sad. Since we were staying near the city center and I had the confidence in Lazin Salas, the decision was made and he actually said that it was the best Karadjordjeva snicla he ever had! I was so happy and proud, haha!

When it comes to my food choices, I went with my favorite meat which is chicken. First time I ordered chicken fillet stuffed with bacon and cheese called kackavalj (kashkaval) with champignons sauce served on rice. Second time I got fried chicken with kackavalj served with french fries and tartar sauce. Both were so delicious and filling! They have a nice selection of salads that goes well with dishes like these so maybe next time I should try adding those with my meals.

Lazin Salas definitely won my heart with the ambiance, food, kind staff and location. It is a place where I would take anyone who's visiting Novi Sad and wants an authentic ambiance/food experience. My rating would be 10/10 and I am already looking forward to my next visit!


Photos are mine, taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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