Barbatti and potato fried recipe

Hello friends assalamu alaikum how are you all I hope you all are well and healthy so today I have brought you another recipe today the recipe is how you can fry barabati and potatoes.

So friends let's see how I cook Barabati and Aloobhaji.

Ingredients required for roasting potato and potato.

  1. The barb

  2. Potatoes

  3. Chilli batter

  4. Chop the onion

  5. Garlic paste

  6. Cumin batter

  7. Salt

  8. Turmeric powder and

  9. Soybean oil etc.

Method of cooking.

First of all, we cut the leeks and potatoes into small pieces and put them in a bowl.

Then we will take a kadai and put the amount of soybean oil inside it. After the oil becomes slightly hot, we will add our maal masalas to the oil. will give

After giving it, I will stir it nicely with a spoon.

After stirring we will cover it with a lid. After two to three minutes of covering we will lift the lid and stir it again. The potato will be cooked, keep on stirring for some time, when our potato will be cooked, then you will see that it will turn light red, then you will think that your potato has been fried to some extent.

After stirring this for two more minutes, our potato fry will be complete, then a very nice aroma will come out from inside the potato and potato, then you will think that your cooking or fry is done, so you can easily fry potato and potato at home.

Friends, please comment how you like today's recipe.

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