Tarhana A traditional flavor

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Today I wanted to share with you the recipe of Tarhana, which is a traditional flavor. Tarhana is actually a homemade instant soup.It is prepared in August and drunk throughout the winter.It is very tasty and very beneficial for health.It is a little difficult to make and takes a long time.It is worth tiring for a homemade instant soup that does not contain any additives and remains intact for a long time.

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Capia pepper(10kg),Rio grande tomato(5kg),onion(3kg),half a kilo of hot pepper,half a kilo of butter, a liter of olive oil, half a kilo boiled chickpeas, half a kilo of yoghurt, flour(10 kg), salt. You can also cook tarhana using less ingredients.
The dried herbs( Dorak otu) you see in the middle of the photo are the dill with seeds and dill. Other are those called tarhana herb(çörtük otu ); (Echinophora sibthorpiana).Tarhana herb is collected from the mountains in August. Both plants give the tarhana a very nice smell and aroma. This smell and aroma remain in the tarhana without being lost.

The herbs are washed and first tarhana herb and then dry dill with seeds are added into the cooking boiler.Add chopped onions, peppers, tomatoes, hot peppers on it.

Add the olive oil,butter, boiled crushed chickpeas and 3-4 liters of water. Cook in wood fire until the ingredients are soft. Wait for it to cool after cooking. Herbs separate from other food ingredients.

Tarhana dough is kneaded by adding flour and yoghurt.The consistency should be neither too watery nor too thick. The tarhana dough is left to ferment.Fermantation is complete in five to seven days.During the fermentation, the good smell of tarhana herbs intensifies. Tarhana dough is kneaded during the fermentation everyday.

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Tarhana dough is poured on the covers that we sprinkle with flour.

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The dough dries in two days (the weather is very hot in august) as it dries, it is divided into smaller pieces.

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The dried tarhana dough is thinned.

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It is sieved and this process is done until the tarhana dough becomes like flour.

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The tarhana on trays is dried for a while until there is no moisture left.
Tarhana, which will remain intact all winter long, is now ready.
You can diluete with water and cook your homemade instant soup whenever you want.
Bon appetit🙂🙂Afiyet olsun
Photos belong to me Fotoğraflar bana ait.

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