Food Allergy or poisoning , I suffered because of a little milk

Hello Hiveians

Different kinds of food allergy exist that am very much aware of but I often felt that milk is quite different and could cause me no harm.
As a child I was feed with so much milk and raw egg to boost my blood level as their belief was that raw proteins as such does magic with blood. I was also feed some extract of different raw leaves like the pumpkin just because I was a sick child, always pale and in need of blood.
With time I grew up and began to dislike milk and foods prepared from me. Only a little portion of it was what my stomach can bear per time.

Recently am on a quest to put on weight and got suggestion to eat more proteins milk and cheese.

I made an attempt and my tummy was on fire all day. I took some Hollandia milk with fura and a little ice cream and just a portion of meat pie bought from Reo

For 24hours I had indigestion and stomach upset, I started throwing up constantly and fasted the whole day, this later resulted into a stomach sickle cell crises before I was administered pain reliever and drugs to hasten the digestion.







I suffered because of a little milk

I am not the hospital type and am also allergic to such environment, I didn't visit one for an emergency treatment of what I was going through. I suffered a little but its all over.

Would that be a milk allergy or the combination of ice cream and processed Hollandia milk and snack
Or probably a food poisoning am still unable to understand the situation.

Have you also suffered any food allergy before.

Thank you for having me, blessed new day.

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