Turkish İskender 🇹🇷


Hello beautiful people! How are you doing? I hope you are fine. Today I will share with you a very popular food in Turkey. This is one of the dishes I especially prefer when I go out. The taste is incredibly delicious! I recommend that those who come to visit, definitely taste this delicious. Many tourists who come to our country go to admire this taste.

Necessary materials;

Frozen meat turns
Pita bread
Tomato paste
Hot water
Red pepper
Black pepper
Tomato Grater
Olive oil


The construction phase;

First, cut the bread into cubes, then drizzle olives on it and fry in a pan without drying it too much. Set aside the roasted bread and prepare the sauce in another pot. Let's put the sauce ingredients first .. First, pour the tomato paste and grated tomato on a saucepan, stir it, then add the spices and hot water and cook over medium heat so that it does not boil. (According to how much you want the advance size sauce to be, the important thing is to obtain a thick sauce!) While the sauce is being cooked, let's heat the meat in a pan on the other side.


Take the roasted bread on the serving plate, add it, then add the meat on it. At this stage, melted butter is put on the meat, but I did not because I wanted it to be light, but butter adds a different flavor! Finally, we put a spoonful of yoghurt next to it and it is ready to be served. Bon appetit!


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