The Perfect Potato recipe


Hey you! Yeah you awesome Foodies! Do we have the best potatoe recipe that the whole family will enjoy. It's great for small kids with forming teeth also as I tend to find they go for softer foods until they're able to chew their food properly.

However, this meal will leave the whole family wanting more! It's full of flavour and you can even add onion, Bacon or slow cooked shredded meat to it if you like. But for tonight's we're just using cheese.


You can use any potato's for this recipe but I find the red or blue royal potato's turn out the best and typically great all rounder for boiling and baking which this recipe calls for both so I often make them when I have a roast in the oven.

First of all boil your potatoes all the way through until they are soft on the inside. Try to use potato's that are all similar in size that way you will get an even cooking time which is around the 20 - 25 minutes in lightly salted water.


Once they're cooked strain them of their water and place them in a baking tray with enough room between as this parts going to get a little messy and fun.

While still hot and keeping in mind they're hot get a spoon and push down on them causing them to smash.


Potato Smash!


Once you've smashed them all and you might want to use a tea towel or dish cloth if you need a bit more force so that you don't burn your hand as the spoon will also get quite hot. Disperse them evenly around the tray and you can even break up some of the larger potato's a little smaller if you like. Again being as even as possible assets the cooking process.


Once you've done that you're going to need ALOT of butter. I didn't put enough on this meal as I would find out later. But you really want enough butter so that when it cooks in the next cooking process it meals through and all the potatos draw in all that buttery goodness.

Add salt and pepper to your liking keeping in mind that if you're using butter it might already have a high salt content.


Cheese, glorious cheese! Who can pass up some cheese and when this dish is finished pwoah. But again lots of cheese. I've used mozzarella cheese but you can use what ever cheese you like so long as it melts.

You'll notice that I have skilled a part on the side that is due to the fact lil miss has gone off melted cheese on this dish, I'm not sure why but I'm sure she'll come back around.

Time to bake!


My dish could have probably gone a little longer as I prefer crispy cheese that's still guey but the little ones were hungry and they don't like any "black bits" so we pulled it out at around the 25min mark which was enough time to have the butter melt through and the cheese. Also our lamb roast was spot on!


The verdict? Delicious! The kind that the kids love to stick there hands in and scrunch up while chewing down a lot of the high carb but oh so wonderful potato's!

I hope you've enjoyed this dish, if you've made it before or something similar let me know in the comments section below!

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