Lil Miss' Lamb Loins


Gooooood evening Foodies I trust you have been safe and well. It's payday here today so that means we get to splurge on some finer meat and tonight little miss is cooking us some lamb loin chops with a lovely sweet sauce with a sweet white wine.


First of all it's important that when you're cooking meat you do so with room temperature meat which can be achieved by letting the meat slightly warm on the bench in a shady place. This ensures the meat cooks evenly, remains fresh and has a lovely tender texture. Cooking meat that is cold or not fully thawed can lead to inconsistency in cooking and an uneven texture and even keep some parts raw.

For this were just adding salt and pepper to the meat the flavour will be mainly created from the meat and left over pan juices.


For sides, little miss has selected an earthy blend to complement the red meat and bring out the full lamb flavour. She's cooking mashed potatoes and steamed pumpkin.


Too cook the lamb start off by adding a drizzle of olive oil to a medium high heat pan. Don't over cram the fry pan as if can create hot and cold spots and not cook the meat evenly. Depending on how you like your meat the best way for me is about 3 minutes either side.

Eventually the lamb fat will oil the pan and you can cook the remaining lamb in its own melted fat.


While the meat is cooking it's time to quickly prepare the ingredients for the sauce and your going to need one large brown onion cut in half.


It's time to break up all the onions and crush about 3 large garlic cloves. You need to be careful with the onion as it does make you cry. I was under the impression that onions were the only vegetables that made you cry. That was until little miss threw a pumpkin at me which really hurt.


Now that the meat is all cooked add a table spoon of butter to the fat, melt it down than simmer your onions until soft. Put in your crushed garlic and quickly mix until fragrant. And now onto the good part.


Wine! Wine! Wine! For this I shy away from reds and use a sweet white wine moscato. I add about 1 cup and then simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. Add in a table spoon of flour then half a cup of beef or chicken stock.


Plate up and drizzle the sauce over your lamb for a fantastic sweet full flavoured meal that you will be screaming for another serve.

You can add a garden salad to the meal if you like.

Like the meal? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and what other lamb recipes you cook up in your own kitchen that you and your family enjoy!

Good night and happy eating!

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