Things I eat during a busy day

During a busy day, it’s really easy for me to forget about food. It’s also very easy for me to choose an unhealthy meal over a healthy one. Often, I also take a lot of time just to pick food which is very inefficient. Anyone who has been with me will know that it takes about maximum 2 hours just to pick food and order it. I have no idea but I am always someone who likes to weigh in the kind of food, discounts, and the price. I also do a lot of comparing prices, especially for takeaway food. I just want to get the best deal within my budget. In a day, I can only spend 4$ at max. It’s already a lot compared to what I normally spend in the past, which is 1$ to 2$ at max for a day.

In 2019, I found this place I really love where they sell various Japanese bento boxes and Korean meals. Their food also tastes homemade which is something that I prefer too. I will show you below what it looks like.


That is the menu I normally have during lunch and dinner because this is the most nutritious and filling compared to their other menu. This bento box has seaweed, carrots, watercress, fried egg, sausage, kimchi. I tried eating the kimchi when I first arrived here and it made me sick due to its sour and spiciness. At some point, it was quite tricky for me to avoid food that I can not eat. A lot of things that I loved before have become an off limit food for me. So, I try my best to avoid them but if I eat it and have some reaction then it’s a whopsies moment that can be fixed with medication.

Back in 2019, I would also add cold energy drinks, coffee, and almonds. But recently, I just drink water and matcha espresso. Then some vitamins, nootropics, and supplements on top of that. That way, I don’t waste time on deciding what to eat and many things. So I can focus on doing my task and be more productive.

I learned a huge lesson that food is so important for my health after neglecting it. Skipping meals and then binge later for about 3 years has led me to the health situation I am in today. It sucks and I wish that if there are workaholics out there that still neglect food, they should start considering getting a catering service and even eat a little even when they don’t have the appetite. I also only learned about nutrition in recent years. That’s because I slowly realized the importance of meals for my cognitive performance and my overall health.

What do you normally eat in a day as a workaholic? If you can relate, leave a comment below!

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