The other day @artemislive shares a collection of #coffee reviews from some hivers. It was an interesting read especially the coffee journal from @jessamynorchard, who is very dedicated at knowing the coffee that he/she drinks. I, for one is quite a coffee snob though it was not that way in the past.

I started to drink coffee when I was in highschool. I recalled drinking more than 5 cups a day and it was mostly instant cheap coffee. But, I started drinking my first "Real" coffee when I was in college. The first delicious coffee I had was affogato. I even made a blog about it years ago. Then, from that time on, I started tasting various coffee. After several years of tasting, I came into a conclusion that my favorite was caramel macchiato.

Years ago, I thought that all beans are the same. But then, one time, I went to a coffee store that had massive beans jar with different names on it. That coffee shop got me interested into coffee snobbery. But unlike @jessamynorchard, I never keep a journal of coffee I tasted or beans I've tried, I simply just drink it. Hence why, now I am somewhat inspired to start tracking the kind of beans I've tried.

Coffee for me is my vices. It is something that I hardly quit. I relapsed each time I tried quitting coffee. what's the harm? a little caffeine won't hurt, right?

Mostly, it is not lethal but sometimes when I overdo it, it becomes problematic. Though even after discomfort, I'd still drink it.

Anyhow, let's get into the coffee review.

This time, I am getting Robusta Gold from Excelso, an Indonesian coffee chain that's part of the largest coffee company producer in Indonesia, Kapal Api. Think of it, like the starbucks but Indonesian owned.


The packing is quite fancy and informative. It also has aroma locked in the middle of the packaging. Also, there's information such as the acidity, the body, and information about what to expect from the taste. In the back of the packaging it contains nutrition facts.

Price wise, I got it for 31,000 IDR for 200gr. It's not a bad price given how much I spent just for a single latte in a day.

After I brew it, the aroma isn't quite strong. If you sniff, it won't be too noticeable. When you drink it, the taste is mocha-like. It's very mild with hint of nutty and cocoa flavor, just as how it's advertised. Even when I added milk, it tastes slightly the same.

Do I recommend it?

I think for those who like a strong coffee, this might not be recommended. This Robusta is perfect for those who tend to get jittery after a single shot espresso.

I feel like when drinking this coffee, it reminds me of a coffee I had from my current coffee shop. Since I can brew it on my own now, my balance will thank me for not draining pennies to a hipster-ish coffee shop.

So, that's about it from my coffee review today. I wonder, what do you think of Robusta? do you prefer it than Arabica? let me know in the comment section.

~ signing out

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