Daily Food Blog #7 Marugame Udon Hand Crafted Udon Bowls With Various Tempura

Food Journal : Kitsune Udon With Egg Tempura


Hey Foodies!

I am back with another food journal, this time I am visiting Marugame Udon, a Japanese international udon noodle chain. This place has been in the city since I moved here back in 2015. But only today, I can eat at the place inside this mall.

This place piqued my interest because a few months ago, I saw someone posting about eating at this place in London or somewhere. I didn’t remember where but I told that person that I wanted to eat there too. Since Marugame udon is located inside the mall, I had to wait until I got vaccinated. Honestly, I never understand the appeal of udon. I like ramen and ramyun but I was never really interested in this type of noodle, udon.


In Marugame Udon, visitors must stand in line and choose the Udon menu from the display or the menu book at the table. Then, the cook will arrange the udon and you have to bring the tray to the cashier. In this place, it’s all self-serve with an open view of the kitchen where you can watch the food being served.


What I like the most about the place is that I get to pick the tempura myself which gives me more time to choose what I am about to eat. I was also a little puzzled because it was my first time there as to where I could choose the drinks after I picked my udon bowl and my tempura. So, apparently the drink is located nearby the cashier. I chose mineral water because I was about to take my meds.


In my tray, there is Kitsune Udon which consists of udon noodles, dashi, tofu, scallions and fish cake. Then, I also ordered Nori tempura which is fried batter seaweed with spicy powder, egg tempura and Ebi tempura. What I like the most in my tray is the Egg tempura. I wondered how they were so soft inside but sturdy and cooked outside. It was battered too. The ebi tempura was also good as the shrimp size was long and it was crispy.


The spicy seaweed tempura was the best among all. I liked it the most but unfortunately, I had to dip it inside the dashi because it was too spicy for me. The udon itself was quite okay. I could not say I was impressed but it was good. The whole tray was so filling and I was left to wonder about other types of udon bowls, especially the ones with chicken or beef.


The price itself was quite reasonable. I saw on the international website of marugame udon, each bowl can cost from 4$ to 6$ meanwhile here, it is just slightly a bit lower. The tempura price varies too starting from 0.91$ to 1.26$. The mineral water here was also the most pricey mineral water I ever drank. Even compared to the 5 stars hotel restaurants here , this was just beyond me. For 330ml of bottled water, I paid about 0.77$. In some places, if you pay that much, you’d still get the 500ml bottled water but not this place. So, I don’t know, maybe next time I'll sneak my own bottled water haha.


Overall though, my eating experience here was pleasant. There were already more people than last week when I visited this mall. I also read on the news that tourists are starting to overcrowd the city again as many have been vaccinated. So, who knows, maybe I’ll eat there again and see more people next time.

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