Comfort Food : Hot Pot With Various Dumplings

Recently, I fall in love with dumplings and hot soups. The concept of Suki that we have in Indonesia is more like Thai Suki than an actual Japanese Sukiyaki or Chinese hot pot. I only noticed it after seeing some youtube videos. Of course there are restaurants that sells Japanese Sukiyaki. However, the common and popular one right now is Thai Suki. It can be eaten by grilled or with soups like this one I am about to make. But in this recipe, I am modifying the soup, making it simpler and also tad healthier.



ServingReady inCooking Difficulty
3 people60 minutes⭐️(easy)


Pok Choi, fish ball, champignon mushroom, tofu ball, crab sticks, spring onion, mushroom stock

Seasonings : 10ml soy sauce, 10ml sesame seed, 10ml teriyaki sauce



  • Boil 400ml water and put the white part from the spring onion to make the broth and also mushroom stock.
  • Chopped the carrots and put inside the pot.
  • Add the mushroom and the rest of the dumplings into the mixture.
  • Then put vermicelli noodle into the pot.
  • Add the seasoning into the mixture and heat the pot in low heat.
  • Serve while hot.


Note from Mac

This meal is comfort food for me. I love to have it even if it's hot outside. You can definitely add tofu and more types of dumpling inside this recipe.

The secret of a good broth is using the right part of the spring onion. You can use the green one at the end of it but use the white part to make the broth more aromatic and delicious.

I also don't add salt into my cooking because I already get the saltiness from soy sauce and the teriyaki sauce. If you are someone who likes spicy food, adding chili powder into the mixture would be great. You can also add seaweed, it tastes great too. My other comfort food is porridge. I will show you how to make a good porridge in the next recipes.

~ Mac


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