Vietnamese Braise Fish - Cooked with kingfish

Braised fish is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Vietnam. The seafood in New Zealand is very different from that in Vietnam, therefore it is very difficult for me to find a fish with the texture of fish flesh similar to the fish used for braised fish in Vietnam. However, luckily after many attempts and failures with many types of fish in New Zealand, I have finally cooked a pot of braised fish with the taste of home, and the secret here is the discovery of the kingfish.


For braised fish, the most important ingredient is fish. In my experience, the fish used for this dish should have firm flesh and few bones and kingfish is just perfect for this dish. In this post, I will introduce to everyone a very simple and easy recipe to make this dish.


The ingredients that I used in this dish are all easy to find and quite common. With these ingredients we will prepare the following:

  • Chop garlic, chilli and the white part of spring onion
  • Mix coconut water, soy sauce, and fish sauce with the ratio of 10/3/1 respectively
  • Caramelize sugar to use for coloring the dishes


Once the ingredients are ready, put the pot on the stove and heat up the cooking oil, then add the chopped garlic, chilli, and spring onion and fry until golden, add the pork and stir fry quickly, and then turn off the heat.


Put the fish in the pot, pour the mixture of coconut water, soy sauce, and fish sauce into the pot, add the previously prepared caramelized sugar and a little bit of pepper.


Turn on the stove on high until the mixture is bubbling, then reduce the heat and cook on low for at least 1 more hour.


For serving, use chopped spring onion and a few slices of chilli on top to garnish.



This braised fish is great to eat with rice, the broth is spicy and salty, the fish meat is firm and sweet, which is really a perfect combination of taste.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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