Very tasty buckwheat cutlets with a secret


Hello all!

When I was a kid, my mother spoiled me with delicious food. Especially my mother was very good with buckwheat cutlets. Tasty, juicy, flavorful and all this was created in minutes. On weekends I would wake up to the aromatic smell of cutlets with side dishes and I would run straight to the kitchen, and there my mother was already working near the gas stove. I was looking forward to being invited to the table to taste these cutlets.
Friends today especially for you I have prepared a post with a detailed description of the recipe for these cutlets. So you can fully enjoy the taste of this dish.

Method of preparation:

So let's begin by frying in a pan the finely chopped onion. Bear in mind that to give the dish a more savory flavor, the onion should be fried until golden brown.



Well, half of the job is done, and you can start making mincemeat for future cutlets. To do this, we add pre-boiled buckwheat groats to the fried onions. Then everything should be chopped in an immersion blender and add the minced meat. Do not forget to pepper and salt all this is done to your taste.




To make the cutlets turn out puffy you need to sift a little starch into our mincemeat and mix well.


Proceed to the formation of cutlets. To stuffing does not stick to his hands should moisten with water or wipe with sunflower oil.


Form the cutlets as shown in the photo and fry on both sides until golden brown. Well, that's all you can serve.

Bon appetit for everyone.

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