CLAM SOUP RECIPE using my style .

Greetings Hive,

Today I'm going to show you a dish that we share for a dinner last night. I only made this dish occasionally because of its availability they are only available if someone is selling it because only the ones who knows how to identify where it can be found.


This is called MANGROVE CLAM and we call it IMBAOin our dialect they buried themselves in a mad in mangrove areas so only those who know where they can be found can catch them.

I bought this for fifty pesos (1.04$) for one plastic and it made me happy knowing that I can skip eating oily food that night because I have a new recipe to cook with.

So for the ingredients, I picked some of my horseradish to make it healthier.


I use other ingredients like ginger, onion, spring onions, green finger Chilli, salt and my favourite seasoning, and water.


First is I wash them properly,


Second is to Boiled water,then put the clam let it cook (you can see if its already cook because they are opening their shells) you can remove also the foamy stuffs.


Third is to add on the spices, put salt and the seasoning to taste


Lastly, turn off the fire and put on the horseradish stir and its ready to serve 🙂


Since I can see plenty of okra behind my horseradish so decided also to make an appetizer.



I boiled the okra until its tender,remove from water add on spice salt and vinegar and its ready .

And that we enjoyed our dinner with the delicious dish without oils present.

So what can you say about my dish, do you cook like this also?

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