Reunited with Vikings and it feels.. not-so-good?!


The husband and I celebrated his birthday last Sunday, the 10th of October. We were pretty excited because finally, we’ll get to dine in again at Vikings--our favorite buffet place.

Hello there, birthday boy!

Vikings is pretty pricey so we only go there during birthdays due to their promo. If a birthday celebrant dines in on the day of his/her birthday, their fee is waived and only the companion has to pay. Lunch rates are cheaper at 688 pesos while dinner costs 888. They also include a 5% service charge.

Since 2017, @thejoeprocess and I would always go to Vikings for our birthdays. We were only absent last year because of pandemic restrictions.

The evolution of the hubby: 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively. He was still my boyfriend in these photos.

We love Vikings not only for its good food but also for its expansive menu. Craving for a certain cuisine? They got it. Pre-pandemic, I would always look forward to their pizza and pasta station, the steak station, and the Mexican station.

I love the pizza and pasta station because you can choose from different types of pasta and mix and match with different types of sauce.

I love the steak station because it’s a great way to make your fee sulit--they had premium meats and you could decide how you wanted your steak cooked.

I love the Mexican station because I always loved to indulge in their golden hot queso sauce mixed with their chili con carne concoction.

However, when we went there last Sunday, we were disappointed to find that there were no steak and Mexican stations, and you can’t mix and match your sauce to your pasta anymore. :( They only had a ready-made linguine in white sauce, so those not a big fan of white sauce pastas didn’t have much of a choice.

Pasta station with different types of pasta and condiments

Feeling kinda empty with the choices.

Still, the usual Japanese cuisine and the trusted Pinoy food are ever present. If these are your faves, you'd be thrilled to eat there for sure.

A taste of home-- if you are looking for lutong Pinoy, then the classic Filipino food station is for you.

The Grill Station prior to refilling.

Photo you can taste--many sauce choices to choose from!

Taste of Japan

Ingredients in one place

If you are a sweet tooth, a variety of desserts are also available. We didn't indulge much that day since we were planning to grab a snack later that afternoon.

I only got to take a photo of the churros station. They keep it warm and crispy which I love and the chocolate dip is just heavenly!

Overall, our back to buffet experience fell short of our expectations. However, we do understand that since we are still in a state of pandemic, the restaurant is taking precautions where they can. Maybe exposed sauce is a health hazard. Meanwhile, cancelling the steak station may be to deter flocking of people.

I just think that for the rate and the number of choices available, you are better off pursuing a specialty restaurant for now.

However, if you still think it might be worth checking out, you can go ahead and make a reservation. You’ll be needed to wear a mask at the premises and every time you get food.

If you've reached this far, thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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