Blog #84: Jollibee: Tag As The Philippines Joy & Pride | Why Filipinos Love Jollibee

Hey Hivers!

When I travelled to a distant place, I would make sure that I have foods in my bag. Many times I had suffered excruciating pain in my stomach due to hyperacidity. So as much as possible, I would always carry some foods wherever I am.

Few days ago, I travelled to the southern part of Cebu. Since the travel time would take 2~3 hours, I decided to grab some foods from the famous fast food in the Philippines, the Jollibee.

Have you tried it already?


Jollibee is a leading fast-food chain in the Philippines. Wherever you are in the country (except to secluded places), you can find many branches. Hence, you can eat it anytime you want.

Do you know? Filipino children feel delighted the moment they see Jollibee mascot. It makes their heart pump with excitement and happiness. They will not stop requesting their parents to enter and dine or to order some Jollibee foods and carry it with them. And, if their request is not granted, they throw tantrums and can do anything to make their parents agree to their request.


I remember way back in time when I was in College, I had seen a scenario in the mall where a child was asking her mother if they could eat in the Jollibee. However, her mother refused to grant her request and the child ended up throwing tantrum and had crying loudly.


When I was still working in a manufacturing firm as an HR practitioner, I had always experienced to go in the mountain part of Cebu where an adopted school of the company was situated.

Every December, we as a company representatives would hold a Christmas Party with the children. We carried for them Christmas gifts; Jollibee foods and drinks and Jollibee mascot. The photo below showed how those children felt truly delighted with the presence of Jollibee mascot.


But let me assure you. It's not only children who love Jollibee, adults love it too and can turn into kids seeing a Jollibee outlet.


These are my favorite foods in Jollibee. Whenever I crave for a Jollibee foods, I would always order these foods.

The spicy chicken joy with gravy would definitely brighten my day plus the sweet jolly spaghetti, french fries and yummy burger.


Although the foods are not healthy but Filipinos would keep coming and eating in Jollibee. The taste is so good and satisfying.


They are my nieces and whenever I had an extra money before, I treated them to Jollibee. It already made their hearts happy. Look at their precious reaction.


If you have not tried one, you must do it today.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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