Blog #82: Trying Some Pizza @ Adelante Pizza & Ala Carte

Hey Hivers!

At the beginning of pandemic, hospitality industry has greatly affected. A sudden closure of some hotels; restaurants and bars leads to termination of employees' contract and therefore, many people endured financial constraint.

But we could also notice that there were other restaurateurs who took gamble during the world wide crisis. It is ok then because the products they offer are essential. They had opened new restaurants and had offered free delivery service to customers live nearby villages/towns. Fortunately, some of them succeeded but, there were quite a number of restaurateurs who had failed.


That's the nature of the world of entrepreneurship, not everyone will succeed and it is not booming all the time. The condition is truly unpredictable and it is only depend to us how we will handle the ups and downs in the business industry.


Last Friday, I had noticed that there was a new restaurant few meters away from my family's house. The Adelante Pizza and Ala Carte launching their new branch in Lawa-an on that day. As I haven't tried their foods yet, I invited my niece on the next day to come with me to check the place and have some pizza.


As we entered, it sparks a great excitement within us as it has an instagrammable interior design.


A young and energetic staff greeted us and led us to the vacant table but we requested her if we could use the table with a korean set-up. Since there was no vacant yet, we waited for a while until the table got empty.


We ordered pizza with hawaiian flavor and my niece ordered her favorite milk tea. I had a cup of hot green tea for my beverage as I always look for tea wherever I landed.


This sight greeted us as we enter the restaurant. If you have noticed, most of their tables were occupied. The people truly embraced them.


We were delighted of the food. It was absolutely delicious.


By the way, you can also find different quotes written in the wall. Have you noticed it? To the married men, never laugh at your wife's choices oppppsss it was only according to the quotes.


We were able to finish our food. It was so yummy.


The experience we had in Adelante was great. The staffs were energetic and ready to give their utmost service to the customers, the ambience was great and it made us stay longer haha, and the food and beverages as well are yummy.

I do hope that this restaurant could truly survive the challenges within the period of the world wide crisis.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

Some photos were edited using Canva


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