Blog #156: Treating Myself with Sweets @ Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

Happy Saturday Hivers!

I had few colleagues before from Dumaguete City and when we talked about their place most of them told me that "Oh, when you visit our place, don't miss to try the most delicious cakes and pastries in town. You can find it in Sans Rival."


That's the most comment I have received whenever I've encountered someone from Dumaguete.

Today is my third day in Dumaguete and the weather here this morning was gloomy. Since Mr. Sun was not shining I find it perfect to stroll around the City. I headed to Sans Rival. As I sighted the store, I silently said, finally, I've seen you Sans Rival.


Before I went to the counter to have my order, I took photos first inside the store. I like the structure although it has low ceiling.


Though it was just early but the store was already filled with many customers. It made me realize that maybe what my colleagues told me before was true. I went to the counter and asked if I could dine in; unfortunately, they don't accept diners yet so taking out my sweets was the only choice I had.


Let me tell you that I am not fan of sweets. I preferred to eat boiled banana and sweet potatoes for my snacks over cakes and pastries but whenever there is a recommendation I would always try it especially when I can only find it in a certain place.


While there were many customers lining up behind me, I'd felt a little bit pressure because I could not decide what cakes/pastries to buy. There were too many choices right in front of me. I stepped out in the line and came closer to the area where products were displayed.


After approximately 10 minutes (it took me too long to decide) I was able to choose what pastries to order. After deciding, I followed to the last person in line and while waiting for my turn I typed my orders in my phone because I can't longer rely my memory.


All of their displays seemed delicious and that was the reason why it took me so long to decide. I ordered 5 different kinds of pastries. I ordered Cinnamon choco cream bun; Cinnamon walnut cream bun; Blueberry crumble muffin; Strawberry cream; and Mini Custard.



After few minutes I had already my food right in front of me. As I held it, I felt excited to eat it. I immediately strode going to the exit door and headed to the Dormitory.

Since I love walnut, I tried the Cinnamon walnut cream bun first. After my first bite, I said hmmmm, it's yummy. So I took another bites.



Next, I tried the strawberry cream and followed by the other 3. Do you know what? All of them are really delicious. And I could not blame my former colleagues why they kept mentioning this Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries Shop.

Although they were all delicious but I was not able to finish everything because they are big.


If you're a sweet lover I'm pretty sure that you would absolutely like Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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