Baby-Led Weaning Recipes: Sweet Potato Curry Balls


Hi there! It's time for another Baby-Led Weaning recipe! Last time, I shared about Baby-Led Weaning Recipes: Sweet Potato and Broccoli Cup, today, I am sharing with you yet another Sweet Potato recipe. This doesn't require any baking so it is easy yet playful, this recipe is called Sweet Potato Curry Balls.

From the name itself, you would immediately think that this is all about Sweet Potato made into balls and you are right, there's nothing fancy about this recipe, in fact, it is very straightforward.

So, without further ado, let's start cooking!

Ingredients needed are:


1Boiled or Steamed sweet potato
1Medium egg
1/2 cupBreadcrumbs
1 tablespoonCurry Powder
pinchpepper powder
Olive Oil

Sweet potato is a great source of beta carotene, vitamin C, and potassium but aside from that, they are also a decent source of many other vitamins and minerals thus, it is perfect for your growing baby!

It is also very light in the pocket!

Cooking Instructions

1. Mash the boiled or steamed sweet potato.


Make sure to peel it first of course. You can also put it in a food processor for easier mashing and more fine texture.

2. Add the egg and whisk.

You may do this on a separate bowl but I just did it directly on where the mashed sweet potato was mashed.

3. Add breadcrumbs and curry powder.


The curry powder comes next as well as the pepper powder as seasoning. You can adjust to add more if you want. Mix everything until they are well incorporated!

4. Create balls.


Shape the mixture into balls. The size would depend on you. I myself want Matti to pick them up using the pincer grip so I made it into tiny balls. This way, the balls would cook easily too!

5. Fry.

Heat up the olive oil or vegetable oil and start frying until golden brown. Place on paper towel to drain excess oil!

That's it, guys! I hope you had enjoyed this very easy and simple sweet potato recipe. For those who want to make this as snacks for adults, you may add salt to taste and other seasonings too!

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