Let's cook Pinakbet

Pinakbet is a very common Filipino dish. It is a sauted mixed vegetables with fish or meat.

When you are Filipino for sure you really know about pinakbet. You might eating it this now or just eaten it a while ago or days before. You can also cook this later if you want.

On the other hand, if you came from other countries and reach Philippines you can ask any Filipino friend about this recipe.

Yesterday, I decided to cook Pinakbet because I have four (squash, ladies finger, eggplant and string beans) among the five common vegetables being used for pinakbet. The usual pinakbet consists of squash, string beans, okra or ladies finger, eggplant and bitter gourd. Some people may add other vegetables depending on their likes. You can use meat, fish or shrimp as additional ingredients for it.

This time I would like to share how I cook Pinakbet. Without further ado, let's go.


1 slice Squash
1 bundle of string beans
4 pieces eggplant
8 pieces ladies finger
3 slices of fried fish
1 medium sized onion
2 cloves garlic
Soy sauce
1 cup water


Step 1. Fry fish to be used as an additional ingredients. If you already have fried fish you can directly use it.

Make fish into small pieces. In my case I removed the bones so it will be easy and safe for my son to eat.

Step 2. Prepare vegetables and spices.

Wash and peel squash then slice according to the desired size.

Wash and cut string beans according to the desired length. Me preferred a little bit longer while my husband want a shorter one. So, since then I cut string beans according to his desire to avoid simple misunderstanding.

Wash and slice eggplant according to your desired thickness. In my case, I sliced it very thin so it can be cooked very well (overcooked) because my son is allergic to it especially if it half way cooked. He could feel some itchiness in his mouth and he would really complain.

Wash and slice ladies finger according to the desired thickness and shape.

Slice onions and garlic.

Step 2. Preheat the pan, add cooking oil then saute onions, garlic and fish. After a little while add the vegetables like quash, eggplant, string beans and ladies finger.

Step 3. Put salt and soy sauce according to your desired taste. Mix them very well. Cover the pan for a while.

Step 4. Add one cup of water. Mix it again and cover the pan.

Step 5. Remove the Pinakbet from fire if it is already tender. You can also cook it half way if you want half cooked vegetables.

Step 6. Ready to be served. Enjoy your meal.

That's how I cook *Pinakbet. It is so easy, isn't it? You can try it and let me know how it looks and tastes like.

I, my husband and our son enjoy eating it paired with rice.

All photos are mine.

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Cook, Eat, Enjoy.

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