Making Traditional Cookie

Talking about snacks Philippines has a lot to offer, the Cebu island itself had lots of it, almost every town and province has its variety of delicacies to showcase. The town of Alcoy has its delicacy to offer as well, the "Tostado" came from the Spanish word which means toasted. It's a traditional toasted cookie made from simple ingredients.

And for today's content, I will be sharing the process of making Tostado through these snaps that I took. The key ingredients in making Tostado is sugar, baking flour, egg yolk, vanilla syrup, and special cooking oil, basically, you just have to mix all the ingredients until it will turn into a thick malleable mixture a dough-like I must say.



Once the dough is formed, the bakers flatten it with the use of a rolling pin and banana leaf as their table napkin so as to crack the tostado and to give aroma to the tostado as well.



After the dough gets flattened there is this molding pattern that creates shape to the Tostado. As of now, the baker has only two patterns which are circle and flower-like.


And to give an even sweeter taste of Tostado it is being topped with white sugar that some of it will melt once placed in the oven.





After being topped with white sugar, Tostado is placed in a metal sheet pan and ready to be cooked on a makeshift oven that uses coconut husk to fire the oven, it is believed to be the traditional way of cooking which the coconut husk is placed on the top and bottom of the makeshift oven to give an even temperature just like a modern oven nowadays.



Look how the Tostado is toasted on a makeshift oven, some of it turns into golden brown in color which means those ones are cooked already. More or less it only took 9-10 minutes for these Tostado to get cooked, depending on the temperature of the makeshift oven and one needs to keep an eye on it so as not to overcook the Tostado.



And these ones are now ready to serve.


So, what delicacy does your town or province offer? Share it with the community as well.

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