A Glass Full Of Different Ingredients Halo-Halo A Filipino Dessert

When it comes to Filipino desserts, Halo-Halo is probably the first thing that springs to mind. It's the best dessert to beat the heat of the summer season for Halo-halo is made of crushed ice mixed with a variety of fruits being sliced into smaller sizes. When translated to English Halo-halo means "mix" as it literally translates the dessert full of different ingredients.


Here in Dalaguete, Cebu there is this shack-like snack bar that offers the best summer refreshment desserts at affordable prices. The name of the snack bar is "Andrei Snack Shop" they have lots to offer when it comes to cold desserts and one of their best sellers is the Halo-halo.



Together with my wife, we bring her cousins to the snack bar to let them try their Halo-halo. Aside from cold desserts the snack bar also offers sandwiches, burgers, and fries so with other cold refreshments like fresh shakes made of fruits depending on the fruits available.


While waiting for our Halo-halo to be served, they first served our fries and so with the fresh avocado shake of my wife, she's not really into Halo-halo anyways.


After a couple of minutes of waiting, finally, our Halo-halo is being served as you can see there's a lot of toppings they put into the glass it has corn cereals with Nata de coco and scope of ice cream they even inserted a vanilla wafer stick. Actually, it has many different ingredients in the bottom of the glass, and that's the time you do the Halo-halo (mixing).



And every time my wife and I goes to Dalagauete we tried to have a stopover to the snack bar, and this time we brought her cousins with us so as to let them try it as well, as with food is one of our mediums of boding together.

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