Today's recipe for healthy special fun iftar potato chop


    I wish you all the best on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan,

Today was the last moment of the holy month of Ramadan. We had Iftar today with a special iftar special iftar mahfil and potato chop eggs.
It was accompanied by boots and purple and red watermelon.

                 However, the special item of today's iftar was discussed because we can't always make it. Here are some details of the ingredients needed to make this potato chop. Here are some details of our iftar. Today's iftar was healthy and delicious and fun.  The last and maybe one day is left for our Bangladesh but in the Arab country today is the last iftar of Eid tomorrow but because of not seeing the moon in our country maybe we will celebrate Eid the day after tomorrow. I wish everyone a happy Eid of Ramadan.


Special potato chops








                                       ## Ingredients: 

Half a kg of boiled potatoes. 4 perfect eggs. 4,5 chopped onions. 4,5 green chillies. 5.6 dried chillies. Beresta 1/4 cup. 2 teaspoons of hot spice powder. 2 teaspoons of fried cumin powder. Coriander-crushed desire. Like salt to taste. For oil frying.

Also need:

              3 beaten eggs.  Bread crumbs or biscuit powder.


           Grease all other ingredients with boiled potatoes, except frying oil.  Cut the egg into four parts.

Now take the amount of chopped potatoes and make a chop by closing the mouth with egg filling in the middle. When all is done, chop one by one, first dip in beaten egg and then roll in biscuit powder.

Heat oil over medium heat and deep fry the chops until golden. Lift up on a paper towel.
Then serve in salat or sauce with fun iftar potato chops.
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COVID 19 Epidemic Coronavirus Everyone will be well, stay healthy, stay safe and keep the distance This hope is inviting everyone today to enjoy a fun iftar.

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