Having Dinner at Thai with my Hive Money

Hi, dear Hivers

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I had the chance to visit a restauran here in Sao Luis that called my attention many months ago. I loved the look and the live music coming out of it. I said to myself back then that I would have dinner here some day. It is an exclusive restaurant for which you need to schedule a reservation, but thanks to my #Hive rewards I was able to afford this pleasure. I know this is something I can't do every weekend (next time it will be food truck 😇), but it was worth it.

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Thai is a contemporary restaurant specialized in Thai and Japanese food. It is located at the Golden Shopping Mall.
This mall opened recently (about a year ago) and there are still a lot of empty spaces. Not many people visit the mall, which is huge, so, sometimes it can be a bit scary. But, it looks so nice, beautifully decorated, well lit, that it provides a wonderful experience.


Most people visit this mall on weekends and most of them go to the food section of the mall.
Thai's decoration is a bit eclectic. It combines rustic elements with modern materials and concepts. You'll see bricks, metal, wood, glass and leather. Everything looks neat.


I loved the decoration. The lighting was also great. Not too shiny, not too dark.


I used the bathroom and it was very clean and modern.


Of course, the great decoration and customer service comes at a price. Be ready to pay 4 or 5 times more than what you may pay for a similar dish somewhere else.


We went for non-alcoholic beverages. I had an Ibiza and Andre had a refreshing Thai. I loved his; it had strawberry and ginger.


The order was brought promptly and we could not have a better service at the table.


Some bolo de tapioca, on the house. There were delicious!



We were surprised, later when we got the bill, with an extra charge for the live music. I thought it was already included in the already expensive service, but, if there is live music the diners pay for it (or so I understood). It was great, though. Soft jazzy music that does not mess up with your conversation. Just soft and relaxing.




We ordered sushi, some 30 pieces for a bit over $20. Again, I know I won't repeat this in a long time (Unless I get a job soon 😊).


All in all, having dinner at Thai was a wonderful experience. It is a bit pricy for a student's budget, but the food, the music and the service was excellent!


Thanks for stopping by. See you next time


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