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Today I make Delicious Spaghetti At Home Recipe by@iffatilyas🧑‍🍳🔪.

Hello Everyone.. Welcome to my food point. Today i wanna share a delicious recipe with you..In Every Culture we cook different types of spaghetti 🍝..So today i wanna share my recipe with you...
And it's look just amazing ☺️..


Oil.As required
Bell pepper.1
Green chilli3,4
Garlic.3,4 pieces
Chicken.Chopped half bowl

Sauce mixture

Warm water1 glass
Chicken powder.2 tsp
Soya sauce.2 tsp
Semsame oil1tsp
Chilli sauce.2 tsp
Salt.As required.

Method How To Cook.

• Take a pan and add little amount of oil now cut the chicken into stipes and fry with garlic and paste..Maximum cook 10 to 15 minutes on a low flame.

• On the other side on cutting board take one carrot,1 bell pepper, onion,Green chilli and cut into juvenile .

•Now take another pan add all cut vegetables fry on low flame make sure crunchyness..

• Now boil the spaghetti..

Method for Sauce

• Take a 1 glass of warm water and add soya sauce, chilli sauce, Chicken powder,semsame oil and make a mixture.

• Take garlic 3,4 and chopped into small pieces..Take a pan add oil and galric 1 tsp red chill powder and fry ..Now add spaghetti and fry vegetables and add sauce mixture init..2,3 stir fry and its ready.

Hope you like it...Must try this ..
Thank you so much for visiting...

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