Lovely Homecooked Sumptuous Lunch from My 79yo Aunt

Before I plunge into her homecooked sumptuous lunch, let me showed you her excitement on this "Bello". She did not know how to call it except saying BabaNana. Her background was — she loved to collect beautiful mugs and plates and bowl especially those high quality and especially those given as free gifts. I had received countless times from her too because she said she did not need so many, hence she passed down to me.

This round, I purposely reached earlier so that I had ample time to chat with her. The moment I stepped into her doorstep, she excitedly came from kitchen and showed me what she got. Chocolate malt powder drink with a beautiful free gift which is Minion Mug, and she was so happy that the quality was superb and microwaveable too. Just look at her excitement.

She was trying to tell me that there were many designs and she planned to collect somemore. I didn't stop her eventhough I thought we did not need so many mugs, but looking at the tremendous joy of her face, I let her do what she desires to do.

Then, she moved in to kitchen because she still needed to stir fry a vegetable dish. She said I was unexpectedly early so she didn't want to cook earlier because it was not good to eat cold food. She said she had steamed all the vegetables; broccoli, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. And just needed to put them into the wok for a quick seasoning fry. She used sesame oil for this dish, garlic and ginger into the wok till fragrant, followed by all the vegetables blended together and only a pinch of salt.

Homecooked Healthy Sumptuous Lunch

This was the spread of food on her table. Super appetizing right. All Chinese style. Actually, I kind of miss her pizza and chicken pie but I would not mention or else she would go second mile to do for us. I did not want to overtire her. After all, she is already 79 years old.

Let's zoom in and see...

Stir fry vegetables

I briefly explained how she cooked this at the paragraph above. To my surprise, just a pinch of salt with sesame oil and garlic and ginger could produce such delectable delicious vegetables dish. She chose to steam the vegetables first to enable me eating in ease after my braces. Such thoughtfulness.

Chicken stew with salted fish

This was heavenly, even better than restaurants. She also cut the chicken smaller pieces for me. This one had more work to do. She first browned the chicken then baked them in oven with a glaze of honey. After bake, she put the chicken to stir fry on wok, seasoned with soy sauce and oyster sauce. And added salted egg too. Veryyyyy yummyyyy.

Pork Slices with sweet preserved vegetables

Usually, she did this dish with salty preserved vegetables but she could not find, so she used the sweet type of preserved vegetables. It was my first time eating sweet preserved vegetables and it had that umami flavour, coupled with some sourish from the vegetables. So heavenly. She also sliced the pork thinner for me.

I had such a yummylicious meal, coupled with basmathi rice, and I ate till my stomach was full. Hope I could start my fasting soon which had been delayed, and I could eat one healthy nutritious meal like this and that's it, it covered all my needs. Haha. We chatted about the mug again, and also her old story on how she was also being gifted a lot of beautiful mugs by her expatriates employer. Then, she talked about her arm had some bruise after her vaccination and I am still monitoring that. In a nutshell, I feel so blessed.

All images are mine unless stated otherwise, photos are taken using my phone Hua Wei P20.

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