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My love and passion for food had brought me to the right person, "keeping a man is through his stomach" but it also works the other way around. Growing up to be the eldest, I help with the cooking, cleaning & laundry which really helps a lot when I got married. To make the story short I married a chef, and I got away from cooking... Maybe not the perfect husband, but his love language is through his cooking.

Our favorite bonding moment is eating, from breakfast 'till dinner time. My husband always prepares the best meal that my children couldn't say no? why? Because it's just the best meal always, that every spoonful is perfectly crafted by love and nourishment. I even tried selling it online but sadly due to health conditions my husband can't be stressed out.

We also visit local restaurants that offer delicious food, and just like that my husband brought that same magic to our home. Today let me share some of my husband's best cuisine:

The Famous Patatim: A filipino dish 🍖
Braised pork cooked slowly until very tender, the ultimate family's favourite.

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Roasted Honey Chicken: Kid's choice award 😍🍗
Seasoned by perfection, cooked through turbo Broiler

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Krispy Pata: My personal Favorite (Putok Batok)
Crispylicious in every bite

FB_IMG_1632617032648 (1).jpg

Fried dumplings:
Perfect for snacks by the beach

FB_IMG_1632617039072 (1).jpg

Finally our dinner yesterday, Sizzling fried chicken with stir-fried vegetables & corn on the cob. Atasha's personal choice, sooo tasty and flavourful in every bite. We are blessed to have a healthy & delicious meal every time, a compliment to our best daddy chef!






You can't have everything in life they say, maybe my life is not perfect as it is but imperfectly perfect to enjoy! Just like every meal, my husband prepares for us, not just delicious, healthy but always makes our hearts full... And it makes me fall in love with him all over again! Hope you enjoy the meal in every photo, take a deep breath and start cooking.

Till on my next blog hivers, where life, love and all-in-betweens are much to share and savor! 😋😋❤️

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