FOODIES BEE HIVE Digest - Update,, Delegation, more rewards, curation and bounties.

Welcome to our latest update. Come on in and join the fun with Foodies. Curl up with the latest posts on the Foodie Bee Hive on Hive. Who knows you might just find something that you love.


Speaking of LOVE! Still growing like crazy and seeing a ton of great posts. Last month the community broke the 2000 member mark. That's awesome! It makes us one of the larger communities on HIVE. In this update, we cover off, delegation for support, more rewards, curation and Bounties. Yes, that's right BOUNTIES. Have a read - Enjoy and comment!


More Rewards - Let the Games Begin

We wanted to share some information and community statistics. WE LOVE to gamify stuff. We are mid-way through the month and decided to build a dashboard to share with everyone to follow along.

FoodiesUnite Dashboard - 01 Nov - 15 Nov


Remember we have two contests running right now:

Looks to us like have we have the makings of a few super-foodie-fans at the intersection of posts and comments!

We will definitely be doing something to reward the top posters and the top commenters, each month. As you can see from the number of comments there are a lot more people that comment than those in the top 10. We love to see that interaction. KEEP IT GOING!

Purely number base

Top Monthly Foodie Poster will receive 2000 FOODIE (Your average post length must be 200 characters or more - lowest average post length in the current top 10 is 699 characters)...remaining Top 10 will receive 500 FOODIE.

Top Monthly Commentor will receive 2000 Foodie (Your average comment length must be 25 characters or more - lowest average comment length in the current top 10 is 44.7 characters)...remaining Top 10 will receive 500 FOODIE.

Good luck to @larka, @efisher, @fanin, @kristal24, @mozo, @gmenda, @canelarecetas,, @mukta.cumilla, @phillarecette, @maryed, @brittandjosie,, @yiobri, @noemilunastorta, @gorayii, @esecholo, @pureinay


Start using

A while back when we created the FOODIE utility token we also stood up a front-end. You can access it via It's pretty much identical to but runs on the FOODIE token(you also earn Hive as well - BONUS!) and focuses 100% on Foodie posts.

Things you can do on

  • You can check out your FOODIE wallet.
  • Delegate FOODIE tokens to friends and family
  • Redeem rewards.
  • Power Up FOODIE - Become a Supper FOODIE!
  • All-in-one Hive-Engine claim
  • Post to Foodie
  • Promote posts using Foodie

FOODIE BOUNTY: Posts made using the front end will receive a 350 FOODIE BOUNTY REWARD!


Help us help you and become a supporter!

Become a supporter. We're looking for like-minded individuals to help support the @foodiesunite community through delegations. We are almost to the 10K mark. We'd love to more HP to be able to upvote your posts and support the community. Your support will allow us to help ensure that quality content is rewarded and that we can support ongoing efforts in the community.

For the duration that you support @foodiesunite we will reward any delegation with:

  • 2x FOODIE tokens reward
  • 20% FOODIE reward per week
  • equivalent FOODIE delegation

You can use these custom links to delegate HP to us:
30HP, 50HP, 100HP, 250HP, 500HP, 1000HP

Please help support the community through delegation.


Calling all FOODIES

We're constantly looking to curators. We currently have a few curators that are manually looking for great content and doing a great job. But we are only a few and can only get to 15% of the posts. We need more and would love to have your help! If you are a Foodie and would like to consider curating please contact Jasonbu#7143 or sajannair#4200 on Discord to apply.

We offer the following:

  • 2,000 FOODIE per week
  • Shared post beneficiary
  • FOODIE delegation
  • Visibility and follower growth opportunities

If you speak another language, other than English, and would like to curate in that language let us know. We currently support English, Spanish and Indonesian.


Hive membership drive

Let's drive membership to Hive through the Foodie Bee Hive! We want you to help us create 50 new Foodie on-boardings to hive! We will delegate 100HP to each to help them get started. Just use our hive onboard link to take part.

The first 50 accounts created using our link to create an account on Hive will a receive 100HP delegation until they themselves reach 100HP**. We want to help kick start new foodies to Hive. Tell your regular social media friends to join web 3.0 and stop using the old stuff.

create hive blockchain account

Don't have a Hive account yet? Sign up free here! Join the fun and earn Hive and FOODIE just for blogging.

ALL you foodies come and gather with us in #foodie on!


images: pixabay or pexels

The FOODIE token is a utility token specific to the site (based on Steem) used for curation, rewards, and contest promotion. The token price is market-driven and may never have any value.

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