Foodie Truck Delivery - Foodie Bee Hive Curation - 21 Dec 2020

Honk! Honk! Honk! We've scoured the foodiverse and found a bunch of great content. And we want to share with fellow Foodies! We've loaded it on the Foodie Truck for express delivery.


Hello Foodies!

Welcome to the Weekly Foodie Truck... we're out curating foodie content. Keep up with all the great posts and watch for the weekly Foodie Truck delivery. Follow @foodiesunite for the latest delivery.

A record number of 276 posts curated this week!

The Foodie Truck Curation post compiles all the top curated #foodie posts that we've curated. We hope that this helps other FOODIE users locate exciting food-related posts.


The Top FOODIE Posts this week

We selected 20 posts this week. Here are the top.

Post #1 from @brittandjosie with 463 upvotes, and 9 comments.


Post #2 from @waybeyondpadthai with 129 upvotes, and 9 comments.

Air Fryer for the win! (This model, especially)

Post #3 from @sreypov with 243 upvotes, and 8 comments.

🌶️ Roasted Chili & Tomato Veggie Dip �🍅 An Ital Khmer Recip 🥒🥒

Post #4 from @ssygmr with 176 upvotes, and 7 comments.

A dessert made with water - Water pudding

Post #5 from @idea-make-rich with 158 upvotes, and 6 comments.

Yummy & Healthy "Gajar Ka Halwa" : Carrot Halwa Recipe with 22 snaps step wise

Post #6 from @anggreklestari with 200 upvotes, and 6 comments.

Durian Juice: Maybe This Is Strange Drink for non-Asians

Post #7 from @ironshield with 545 upvotes, and 5 comments.

Making Applesauce: "You Squish it, I'll Crank"

Post #8 from @carlagonz with 481 upvotes, and 4 comments.

�👩�🍳🥘🥘La tradición navideña Venezolana: Las Hallacas parte 2. Como armar la hallaca / �👩 - ENG �👩�🍳🥘🥘// The Venezuelan Christmas tradition: Las Hallacas part 2. How to assemble the halac.�👩‍🍳🍳🥘🥘

Post #9 from @blind-spot with 172 upvotes, and 4 comments.

Solace in winter: Coffee, cake pops and a warm table.

Post #10 from @anggreklestari with 161 upvotes, and 4 comments.

The Battle Vegan Recipes: Sweet VS Savory Sweet Potato Toasts

Post #11 from @ironshield with 165 upvotes, and 3 comments.

Meal Ready to Eat: Spaghetti with Beef and Sauce

Post #12 from @sherylneil with 251 upvotes, and 3 comments.

Rice Cake Sweets (Bibingka), For Christmas

Post #13 from @marianomariano with 590 upvotes, and 3 comments.

Spaghetti Bolognese in 20 minutes - a`la marianomariano

Post #14 from with 187 upvotes, and 2 comments.

TacoCat's TrEats 82: Peekaboo Chic-a-boo! �🐣

Post #15 from @ladyfont with 157 upvotes, and 2 comments.

Delicious Venezuelan black beans


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