Foodie Truck Delivery - Foodie Bee Hive Curation - 16 Nov 2020

Once again we've scoured the foodiverse around Hive and found a bunch of great content. And we want to share with fellow Foodies! We've loaded it on the Foodie Truck for express delivery.


Hello Foodies!

Welcome to the Weekly Foodie Truck... we're out curating foodie content. Cold and stormy out there! Yes, Foodies are Cool, Cool, Cool!!!

As usual, keep up with all the great posts and watch for the weekly Foodie Truck delivery. Follow @foodiesunite for the latest delivery.

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Foodie Bee Hive update

The latest Bee Hive update is out. If you missed it we covered off, delegation for support, more rewards, curation and Bounties. Yes, that’s right BOUNTIES. Have a read (after you read this post) - Enjoy and comment!
FOODIES BEE HIVE Digest - Update,, Delegation, more rewards, curation and bounties.

Hive membership drive

Let's drive membership to Hive through the Foodie Bee Hive! We want you to help us create 50 new Foodie on-boardings to hive! We will delegate 100HP to each to help them get started. Just use our hive onboard link to take part.

The first 50 accounts created using our link to create an account on Hive will a receive 100HP delegation until they themselves reach 100HP**. We want to help kick start new foodies to Hive. Tell your regular social media friends to join web 3.0 and stop using the old stuff.

create hive blockchain account

Don't have a Hive account yet? Sign up free here! Join the fun and earn Hive and FOODIE just for blogging.


The Foodie Truck Curation post compiles all the top curated #foodie posts that we've curated. We hope that this helps other FOODIE users locate exciting high-quality food-related posts.

The Top FOODIE Posts this week

We curated 46 posts this week. Here are the top 15.

Post #1 from @carolynstahl with 734 upvotes.

Vegan eggplant lasagna

Post #2 from @efisher with 567 upvotes.

Homemade Avocado Cake

Post #3 from @alexrohr with 558 upvotes.

Strawberry Lemon Cake

Post #4 from @fanin with 548 upvotes.

Homemade Tomato Tartlets

Post #5 from @gmenda with 504 upvotes.

Mushrooms in White Wine Sauce

Post #6 from @mozo with 455 upvotes.

Homemade Butter Frosting and Jelly Butter Break Ups

Post #7 from @samstonehill with 441 upvotes.

First time curing olives �🌿

Post #8 from @mozo with 437 upvotes.

Cookie Dough Bars

Post #9 from @okann with 433 upvotes.

Vegan Taquitos

Post #10 from @lannabeiker with 355 upvotes.

Chicken fillet with tomato and mushrooms in the oven.

Post #11 from @kobold-djawa with 351 upvotes.

Chinese Recipe for Shredded Potatoes ala Sichuan / Das Rezept für ein Kartoffel-Gericht aus Sichuan, China

Post #12 from @beste with 272 upvotes.

Tie-Dyed Pops

Post #13 from @millycf1976 with 262 upvotes.

DIY Coconut Oil Making, For External Uses

Post #14 from @ileart with 217 upvotes.

Meat with curry and potatoes // Carne con curry y papas

Post #15 from @detlev with 201 upvotes.

BeerSaturday - week 178 - calls everyone to join and win


Keep up the great posts! Visit some of the cool contests hosted by fellow foodies...

There are many great contests around the Hive foodiverse. Here are some of the contests out there that we follow.

We saw a bunch of great posts on the Engage the weekend community. Hope you saw our repost of it as it was all about food!

Post of the Month Contest - We are giving away more than 5000 Foodie tokens !

POSTER of the month contest - We are giving away 5000 Tokens . AGAIN !

Foodies are here on Hive are there any contests that are food-related that you run or participate in? We'd love to hear from you and support you or your favourite contest. Let us know in the comments below. We will add FOODIE to your prize lot.


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images: pixabay or pexels

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