Foodie Truck Delivery - Foodie Bee Hive Curation - 02 Nov 2020 - Halloween Surprise

Once again we've scoured the foodiverse around Hive and found a bunch of great content. And we want to share with fellow Foodies! We've loaded it on the Foodie Truck for express delivery.


Hello Foodies!

Welcome to the Weekly Foodie Truck... we're out curating foodie content. Definitely need the snow tires now! Hold on to your toboggan 'casue we've crossed the 2000!!! Member mark!!!

As usual, keep up with all the great posts and watch for the weekly Foodie Truck delivery. Follow @foodiesunite for the latest delivery.

Memebrship update

WOOOT! HONK! HONK! HONK! We broke the 2000 member mark! Join Foodies on - Join us there! The Foodie Bee Hive Community is one of the top 20 communities on Hive, let's get it to the top 10!

Let's Celebrate

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The Foodie Truck Curation post compiles all the top curated #foodie posts that we've curated. We hope that this helps other FOODIE users locate exciting high-quality food-related posts.


The Top 15 FOODIE Posts this week

Post #1 from @hafizullah with 455 upvotes.
How I Enjoyed Saturday Morning || My Different Experience

Post #2 from @mozo with 365 upvotes.
Crumb Cake Muffins

Post #3 from @fanin with 361 upvotes.
White Bean and Kale Soup Recipe

Post #4 from @papa-pepper with 231 upvotes.
MALABAR SPINACH SEEDS - Listed for our First Time Ever!

Post #5 from @galenkp with 217 upvotes.
Weekend-engagement week 21: It's all about food y'all!

Post #6 from @ssygmr with 212 upvotes.
A delicious egg recipe for breakfast

Post #7 from @anggreklestari with 161 upvotes.
Charcoal Frozen Yogurt for Natural Detoxification

Post #8 from @hafizullah with 136 upvotes.
Street Food Dalpuri Experience

Post #9 from @icuz with 118 upvotes.
Indonesia : Sosis bakar / English : Grilled sausage

Post #10 from @qurator with 113 upvotes.
Qurator's: Hive Top Chef! | Layers

Post #11 from @egarysv with 110 upvotes.
Ice Cream Preparation

Post #12 from @prettyberry with 104 upvotes.
Cooking BLOG | Spicy India Brinjal Bharta :) | cookALONG

Post #13 from @hafizullah with 88 upvotes.
Enjoyable Life with Delicious Food (Pizza Experience)

Post #14 from @anggreklestari with 77 upvotes.
My Next Kitchen Equipment Investment List

Post #15 from @anggreklestari with 77 upvotes.
Dine Out in ZENBU, A Japanese Restaurant


Keep up the great posts! Visit some of the cool contests hosted by fellow foodies...

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We saw a bunch of great posts on the Engage the weekend community. Hope you saw our repost of it as it was all about food!

Weekend-engagement week 21: It's all about food y'all!

Foodies are here on Hive are there any contests that are food-related that you run or participate in? We'd love to hear from you and support you or your favourite contest. Let us know in the comments below. We will add FOODIE to your prize lot.


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