Foodie Truck Delivery - Fig Cupcakes, Potato Chips, East Meets West and more - Foodie Bee Hive Curation 06 - 08 March 2021

We've scoured the foodiverse and found a bunch of great content. And we want to share with fellow Foodies! We've loaded it on the Foodie Truck for express delivery.


Hello Foodies!

Spring is in the Air! ... We're out curating foodie content and finding some great content. Keep up with all the fantastic posts and watch for the weekly Foodie Truck delivery. Follow @foodiesunite for the latest delivery.

The Foodie Truck Curation post compiles all the top curated #foodie posts that we've curated. We hope that this helps other FOODIE users locate exciting food-related posts.


The Top FOODIE Posts this week

Here are the top 15.

Post #1 - Posted 4 days ago from @ladyfont with 524 upvotes, and 5 comments.

Figs cooked in orange juice | Higos cocidos en jugo de naranja
This month I have been taking advantage of the harvest of figs from my fig tree. This year it has been generous with me, and we have any quantity of ...

Post #2 - Posted 4 days ago from @simaroy with 108 upvotes, and 4 comments.

I made Rohu fish curry with Taro Root
Ingredients Rohu fish 7 pieces Taro root Water (like needed) Green chilli 6 pieces Tumeric Powder Red chilli powder Cumin powder Onion paste...

Post #3 - Posted 4 days ago from @obsesija with 115 upvotes, and 3 comments.

Thick cabbage and meat soup - healthy cabbage in any form - recipe
Cabbage in the diet can be used sour, as a salad, main dish or side dish, with or without meat, cabbage is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, an...

Post #4 - Posted 4 days ago from @miguelaag with 164 upvotes, and 5 comments.

Chop Suey Vegetariano / Vegetarian Chop Suey
Hola a todos, como se encuentran? Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes una receta muy sencilla para hacer un chop suey vegetariano, muy sencillo de hacer ...

Post #5 - Posted 4 days ago from @sirenahippie with 608 upvotes, and 4 comments.

Gooseberry Juice or Star Cherries [ESP/ENGL]
¡Buenos días a todos! Tiempo sin escribir acá, pero debido a las dificultad de encontrar gas doméstico en Venezuela, es complicado publicar sobre...

Post #6 - Posted 3 days ago from @chetanpadliya with 168 upvotes, and 5 comments.

Making of Potato Chips at home
In India, we have the tradition of making most of the snacks at our home, instead of buying readymade from the market. This tradition is still flouris...

Post #7 - Posted 3 days ago from @josecarrerag with 379 upvotes, and 6 comments.

Fresh figs cupcakes with tartlet dough [ENG]-[ESP]
I love the cookie base that is usually put at ...

Post #8 - Posted 3 days ago from @obsesija with 134 upvotes, and 4 comments.

Delicious roll - roll with coconut and chocolate - recipe
HELLO TO ALL LOVERS OF GOOD FOOD AND DELICIOUS DESSERTS. I’ve always adored coconut, in cakes, chocolate or whatever, when I was little I stole my mo...

Post #9 - Posted 3 days ago from @carolynstahl with 671 upvotes, and 12 comments.

El pastor tacos veganized and dreaming of Mexico
Last year this time I was somewhere in Bangkok. I was sitting in a beautiful park with monitor lizards and beautiful flowers with trees full of wei...

Post #10 - Posted 1 ago from @firayumni with 58 upvotes, and 1 comments.

Cant Buy Souvenir For My Siblings So I Got Them Beard’s Papa
I dont have time to bring or buy souvenirs for my siblings when i went travel to Jakarta. The reason was because i was too lazy to do anything. So ...

Post #11 - Posted 21:04:16.444607 ago from @laloretoyya with 136 upvotes, and 2 comments.

Beef with vegetables and oyster sauce | Recipe
Doesn't it ever happen to you that it's time to eat and you're bored of always making the same thing? It is really not difficult to diversify what ...

Post #12 - Posted 2 days ago from @viviehardika with 102 upvotes, and 2 comments.

Tempeh Steak with Black Pepper Sauce
I never eat expensive steak. First time I eaten steak from chicken and it's not delicious like I imagined before. Hahaha... But When I scrolling my me...

Post #13 - Posted 2 days ago from @devyleona with 178 upvotes, and 1 comments.

Our Perfect Lunchie: When Eastern Noodle met Western Noodle
Hello, friends especially foodies! Today at 12 something we arrived at Grand Shopping Center, Central Jakarta. There we straightly went to one of t...

Post #14 - Posted 2 days ago from @zo3d with 184 upvotes, and 3 comments.

My new favourite Hummingbird Cake Recipe - so yummy I made it twice!!!
Hummingbird cake has always remained a mystery to me until I recently found a recipe that I knew I could make my own, thanks to Sally’s Baking Addic...

Post #15 - Posted 2 days ago from @lizelle with 192 upvotes, and 13 comments.

Hive Creative Contest - Moooo Cheese Burger
It's Friday night, school's out, and my search for the perfect local takeaway Beef Burger has still yielded absolutely zilch; nothing could compare wi...


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