My First Try Homemade Chicken Siomai

Hello Everyone☺☺☺

It's almost a week I think that I didn't posted about food. Thats because I dont have time anymore to do this cooking thing. But cooking is my passion now eventhough Im still learning on it. This past Enhance Community Quarantine, motivates me to do this cooking session since Im at home the whole day. So far those quarantine I learned a lot of cooking.


But now that my work had resume Im still looking for time and ways for this passion of mine wouldnt stop. So as this early I made my first try homemade "Chicken Siomai"☺☺☺ It's not as special as we buy in a siomai resto. I just used the ingredients that are present on our fridge. And so I started making on it. Dont worry everyone it is so very easy. You can have this as your snack or dish. Here are the ingredients and steps on how I made it.


  • ground chiken or ground pork (I used chiken)
  • garlic and onions minced
  • black pepper
  • salt (not in the photo)
  • seasoning (not in the photo)
  • oil (not in the photo) for toppings
  • calamansi ( for the sauce)
  • soy sauce (for the sauce)
  • dumpling wrapper or molo wrapper (I used dumpling wrapper)



1.While you are preparing those ingredients prepare the caserole or a steamer with water, so that as you finished wrapping the water has already boiling.

2.After preparing those get the ingredients garlic and onions minced, black pepper, salt,seasoning and the ground chicken. Then mixed them together.

3.Now lets start wrapping the mixed chiken ingredients.



4.After wrapping put it in a steamer and before you put it grease the steamer first with oil.


5.And then put it now into the steamer or caserole with a boiling water. And cooked it for 25-30 minutes.

6.After 30 minutes tadaaaa😊. Its done. But wait, it's not completely finish we should prepare the sauce and toppings to make it more delicious. Without this toppings and sauce the siomai will not be called as siomai.☺☺☺


  • Just fry the minced garlic until it color turn to golden brown.

And now your sauce and toppings are ready.

7.Let's do the plating. On top of the siomai put the garlic as toppings and squeeze the calamansi and pour the soysauce. Its up to you if you want more toppings,calamansi and soysauce.

8.Ready to Serve☺☺☺

As easy as that everyone. You can enjoy your snack or dish by just following this yummy homemade chicken siomai. I hope this recipe of mine can help you even just a little. Happy yummy eating Everyone.

God Bless and Thank you for your unending support to my blog always. Take care always and stay safe too.

truly yours,


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