The "I have a small child and need to eat quickly" Sandwich -The Terminal April Fools #FOODIE Contest

OK so first of almost none of the original ingredients are prepared for me, all leftovers or bought from the supermarket, thus the "I have a small child and need to eat quickly" part because this is meant to be a quick and easy way to make a sandwich for you and your partner in then 10 free mins you manage to get! It's not fancy, but it is delish and a little one can help out.

OK so the main ingredients is a roast chicken, mines whole but you can buy shredded


Some salad, I recommend coleslaw but go with your heart here, again this is premade


And of course some bread, again I went Turkish because I love the flavour and crunch but normal bread will work as well


OK so first let's shred the chicken if its not already and heat it in a microwave, this means you don't have to burn the bread to get the heat to the chicken later


Now cut open the bread and butter both the top and bottom outsides, this will give you a lovely crunch


Now you can add your condiments on the bottom of the bread, I went for mayo but go crazy! Then add your heated chicken on top


Now if you want add cheese, I am luckly to have a little griller so I like to melt the cheese then put the top on, if you don't that's ok you can just assembly the while thing and either use a sandwich press, oven or a pan and heat both sides until crispy :)


OK now add your coleslaw and close and serve :)



OK now to the thoughtfully part. The reason I like this recipe is my partner loves it, and we don't get out as much as we should, so this way we can have a fancy little meal at home and enjoy some time together. Added bonus if the little one takes off you can eat it one handed

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