If I have the energy to go out in my spare time, I generally spend it with friends.
As I scrolled through my phone, I came across these images of myself and @jeennicious enjoying lunch at the same place last year and this year. I recall these two occasions and how we ended up here.

Last November, I got the opportunity to reconnect with @jeennicious after not seeing her for a month due to her maternity leave. We decided to go to Parkmall for a change of scenery, and since she had some errands to do there, we arranged to meet up for lunch.
We couldn't pick where to eat because we were both wanting soup and a fish dish, and we couldn't determine which direction to go. During this time, not all restaurants are open, and just a few establishments offer dine-in. And after a few minutes of roaming around the area we discovered Chika-an sa Cebu.

A brief history about this restaurant. This restaurant was founded in 2005 by Cebuano restaurateur Alex Derek Dytian. This owner wished to promote Cebuano dishes such as Danggit, nangka soup, and the legendary utan bisaya, among others.
Before we entered the location, it was not the same as when there was no covid. During this period, we can only count those who are able to remain indoors. One thing I appreciate about this visit is that because there are fewer people, it is simpler to chat and effectively communicate with your companion, and you can enjoy your lunch in peace.


We were able to decide and select the ideal location for us. While we pick our food, I see that the waiter and the rest of the employees are thrilled by our presence and the rest of the people inside. I have the utmost respect for those who work in this profession; during the early stages of the pandemic, there were those who lost their jobs in the food industry and struggled for months.

I was wanting Sinigang, particularly Milk Fish, or Bangus as we call it in Cebu, so we ordered it, along with the famed Grilled Chorizo de Cebu and Water Spinach, or Kangkong. The serving time was 20 minutes, so we used that time to catch up on what had transpired while @jeennicious was gone from work.
We did love the lunch and were stuffed, so I'm pleased the money we paid for it accomplished its goal, which was to make us happy.

During Our Second Visit

During this time, I was the one who was not around in the office since I needed to finish all of my laboratories and ultrasound, so I chose to meet @jeennicious after work. We always had a lunch or dinner date because we needed a break from work.
​She asked how my check-up was going, and I told her I was about to complete it, and she asked if I had time since she needed to run some errands in Parkmall. I'm delighted to accompany her, and because I am required to do fasting that day, I was really hungry and about to lose my energy. I went to Ayala to meet her, and we proceeded directly to Mandaue.





We couldn't decide where to dine, so we returned to Chika-an sa Cebu. We can now observe a significant difference between this visit and the prior one. They can now fit more people inside than they could previously.

We ordered the usual Sinigang na Bangus as well as Pinakbet and Pork Lumpia or Spring Roll. They served the Pinakbet with shrimp paste on it, and I forgot to ask if they could remove or separate it; it was nice when the waiter informed me that they could swap it, but I told them that was alright as Jenny can have it but I can't because I am allergic to shrimp or shrimp paste sadly.
We had a good time and the meal was delicious, as always, and I'm glad to see more customers coming in.

They have branches around Cebu that you can visit and dine.
You can also visit their Facebook page.

That's it for now hivers, have a great rest of the week. πŸ€—πŸ₯°β€

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