Unboxing My New Kitchen Mixer

The unboxing happened a few months ago, but unfortunately I haven't had time to do the post, so here I am now.

Unboxing My New Kitchen Mixer.jpg

Up until this year I've been working with an old, German hand mixer I got from my mom. It's been perfect for years and even though there are more performant ones on the market, has been doing the job perfectly. This is why I saw no reason to spend money on a new one. However, no electronic device has been created to last forever and I knew one day it's going to say I'm retiring now, so I needed some backup.



After checking out the mixers available in my price range, I decided to go for this Tefal MasterChef Essential QB150138, 800 W, 6 levels.

The main idea was to buy a mixer that lasts for a good few years. I'm not the one to throw out my mixer every time a new one appears on the market. If it serves the purpose, I'm ok with it. Showing off with the newest is also not my stile. That is wasting funds you can use elsewhere.

This is why I opted for a mixer that has a stainless steel bowl and metal components.

After reading a lot of comments and reviews online, I decided to go with this one, especially that I had an $50 voucher that I needed to use within 30 days.


After checking out the majority of the mixers in my price range, I saw quite many have these parts made of plastic, plus reviews were mentioning how often these broke after one or two uses. The one on the photo has these parts made of stainless steel.


It comes with user instructions in 18 languages included and it's recommended to read it first, use it after. Don't do as smart people do, plug in first, break it, then look at the user's manual to see what went wrong.


Pizza With The New Toy

My first try was a pizza as I love it and it's easy to make. For the dough I chose the accessory on the photo above but I was wrong, so needed to pick the right one.


I added the flour to the bowl, with the oil, salt and yeast. The bowl is 4.8L if I'm not mistaken, so it's pretty big and deep.


After just a few minutes the dough was ready and I was impressed, honestly.


After an hour of rest, the dough doubled as it was expected.


The rest was easy. I rolled out the dough, placed on a baking sheet with baking paper.


Added the homemade tomato juice.


Sprinkled it with sliced black olives.


Then added the grated cheese on top and placed it in the oven.


And voila! Here's the first pizza made using my new kitchen toy.


Even though I've only used a few times in three months, I'm very satisfied with it. It does what it's been promised and I don't need more. It's perfect for me. Cant wait autumn and winter to use it more.


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