Peach Cake

The whole thing started three days ago, when I went to the farmers market to buy some fruits. Needless to say prices are exorbitant already, every thing is almost double that was last year, but it's the season and I still wanted to buy some yummy ones.

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I saw some peaches, among other fruits, that were big and looked good, so I bought four. When I got home, I wanted to taste one, but had to realize that will not be possible as the peaches were so hard you could only play ball with the, or throw them around. Eating unripe fruits is a very bad idea, so I thought why not make a pie or cake.

Snooping around on YouTube I come across this recipe, that looked good and easy to make, so I thought let's give it a try. So let's see what came out of it.


  • 180g flour,
  • 1tsp salt,
  • 1+1/2 tsp baking soda,
  • 170g butter,
  • 200g sugar,
  • 2 eggs,
  • 1 vanilla sugar,
  • 2 big peaches,
  • 100g walnuts.
    recipe source


I need to mention that I did not respect the original recipe as once I cut the sugar quantity to 180g. I'm not a fan of too sweet cakes and was right to reduce the quantity, I'll tell you why later. Next I added walnuts, which is not in the original recipe, but since I have a bunch, why not.

Peach cake.jpg


Put the butter (room temperature) in a mixing bowl, add sugar and mix well. Next add the eggs, mix well. Then add the baking powder to the flour, add the mix to the previous mix and mix well. Lastly, add the walnuts. There's another option, which is to put the walnuts on the top but if these don't sink, there's a chance to get burnt and I did not want that.


If you have a bit of experience, you can already see what the problem was here. Peaches when are ripe, can't be cut nicely like this, as they are soft. These were hard like a rock, therefore I could slice them pretty nicely.


Next I lined the cake pan with baking paper, because that's how I like it and placed the mix in it.


Then I decorated it with the peach slices and sprinkle the top with one tablespoon of sugar.

The other interesting fact was, even after baking it for 35 minutes, the peach slices were still crunchy 😳

Baked it for 35 minutes at 180C.


And voilà! Here's the peach cake.


So the cake was good, I liked it, but even though I cut down the sugar quantity, I found it too sweet.

I left it to the end and now I'm going to show you why I like to line my cake pan with paper.


Isn't that nice? It's crunchy as well. Yummyyyy!

The ugly truth is, these influencers only care about their online reputation and followers. Calories and health is not a priority for them.

Two years ago I saw a walnut cake recipe, that needed a whole white chocolate. I baked the cake and did almost everything by the book, but forgot the melted chocolate in the cream. Even so, the cake was so sweet that everyone complained. Imagine adding a whole bar of chocolate to a too sweet cake already.

After so many years, I kind of know how much is enough and usually am adjusting the recipes to my taste. Here I added walnuts and was a good idea, I don't regret it at all and next time I'm going to reduce the sugar more. If there will be a next time.

So, a slice of peach cake? Anyone?


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