Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

We ate at a vegetarian restaurant and I'm telling you the Indian Chefs there have made it very delicious and tasty.
I could not believe it!

It is only in this country the United Arab Emirates, that I learned of some people who only eat vegetables. #Vegetarian. Back in my country, it gets boring just eating vegetables. Everyone eats everything and anything. Hahaha!

If in the Philippines we learned to cook with more spices with our 'vegetable only dishes' then I'm sure I will never get bored. Spices really makes your taste buds dance. I love vegetables and so I am very happy to try different types of recipes.

Seriously we all need to learn to eat more vegetables. Give our liver and kidneys a break.

I'm also glad I'm not so picky with what I eat too. That way I can explore more types of cuisine out there.

I'm feeling hungry now.
Until here. Thanks for dropping by.

Love lots,

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