Vegetarian cuisine redefined - House of Chef

For those vegetarians who always grimaced at the dearth of diverse options in Mangalore, House of Chef is here to set your taste buds free. With over 600 dishes across 10 sections (Chaats, Sushi, Paan, drinks & the like), this fusion destination could be worth your next outing.

Update: 7 am to 10:30 pm.
Delivery via Zomato & Swiggy.

And your girl is finally back after such a long wait

Leek & chestnut Dimsum



Shock purple steamed dumplings with a chopped leek & chestnut stuffing, which tastes a bit nutty & mostly of mellow onion, these little packages can be savoured better with the medium spicy chilli sauces provided with them. Plus, the organic colouring is from red cabbage, so we’re told. Are these authentic? Likely not. Can these be ordered? Yes.

Food: 👍🏻

Price: ₹225

Banarasi Tamaatar Chaat


From the Chaat Bhandars of Varanasi, the team has tried to source the heart of the chaotic Benarasi streets. The tangy Nashik tomatoe purée, spiced potato Tikki & Namak Para on top with the Bhujia, immediately deviate from tradition & present like a Tikki chat or Ragda pattice (veggies usually mashed together, & topped with Namak para & butter). While that isn’t probably the best way to go, the tangy & sweet flavour of the tomato yet remains, & therein lies another grouse. The mashed purée simply wasn’t enough to go around for the Tikki, & this absolutely NEEDED more. Scope for improvement.

Food: 👎🏻

Price: ₹130

Flavoured chocolates


Their in-house chocolatier could do with learning some real variety, given these flavours are almost universal today. That notwithstanding, the Chocolate truffle was close to store/packet bought in thickness & depth of cocoa content, not sweet either.
The white chocolate with a heart of orange(in visual only) was a bit less close to its idol, the Raffaelo, but commendable for its texture nonetheless. The dark chocolate on the other hand, had plenty of sugar & nuts added in, both components defeating the original aim, to give one a bitter-sweet cacaorgasm. Oh well, 2/3. & kudos on the presentation.

Food: 👍🏻

Price: ₹120

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