Malaysian Laksa In Bangalore

Malaysian Laksa is a spicy coconut curry stew with rice noodles. This perfectly flavoured bowl at Taiki, Bangalore sang beautifully of lime and cilantro. It had just the right amount of flavour to it. 🍜🍲

The portions are big enough for two, but would you really wanna share is the question 😜😋

laksa, in general, is meant to be spicy and sour. There are mainly two types of laksa, and there can be a number of variations for both. The first type is most commonly known as curry laksa or curry mee. This laksa can be easily identified due to it's use of coconut milk, and can be found primarily in Singapore as well as the southern tip of Malaysia. The base of this dish is made from lemongrass, chilli paste, shallots, garlic, coriander seeds, and Malaysian shrimp paste. The entire lot is grounded into a curry paste.

This paste might vary from place to place everyone has a unique recipe to it, you have a final touch of chilli oil added into the broth just before serving to give it that deep aromatic spicy flavour. Other common ingredients you can find embedded on a bed of noodles are your choice of vermicelli or yellow noodles, then you have bean sprouts, shredded chicken, seafood, halved pieces of deep fried tofu puffs, and half a hard boiled egg. Again, what you find in your bowl may differ from place to place.

Price - ₹390 (5.25 $)
Rating - 4.8/5

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