Kudla Rasa Prakash In Mangalore

Possibly THE long standing multi-cuisine Veg restaurant around the Bejai KSRTC area, Kudla Rasa Prakash has been dishing out quality South Indian, Indian Chinese & North Indian fare for long. We decided to sample their grub, & here's what we ordered from Zomato (also available on Swiggy). Read on.....

KRP Special Thali


The Jumbo Express of the lot, the Special Thali combines a multitude of cooking styles in giving one a full tummy (possibly 2-3 people, not just 1). Clockwise from top center:
Gobi Manchurian: Juicy shallow fried Gobi in a thorough saucy coating, this is scrumptious when hot.

Paneer Butter masala: Sweet & mildly tangy, this has 3 drenched Paneer cubes.
Dal Tadka: Lightly aromatic & liberal with the Toor dal, this paired amazingly with the fried rice.

Palak Aloo: We expected Paneer, but weren't disappointed to find a mellow Potato chunk that had simmered till it almost melted at the touch, absorbing a mineral-rich thick Spinach curry.

Fried rice: Fragrant long grain fried rice that was pleasant by itself, & played a good foil to each of the 4 curries provided.

Veg Biryani: Not strong on the flavours, the light Saffron & cashew infused Biryani was well worth the few mouthfuls.
Mushroom & Paneer Tikka Masala: Slightly oilier than the Butter Masala, this goes fabulously with Buttered Rotis, could've been spicier.


Tomato soup: Mild, sweet, & with a helping of oily croutons, this was as we wanted it.
Curd rice: Basic.

Sambhar: Sweetish, coconut based with chunks of Ash Gourd.

Kokum Rasam: Acerbic & sharp, this is a delicious condiment.

Sabudana Kheer: Creamy Ragi based Kheer with jelly like Sago pearls, this was a treat.

Kurma: Pure South Indian style, with a palpable coconut addition, this is a bomb when combined with Puris.

Gulab Jamun: Too soft, though syrupy.

Butter Roti: Solid, fattening Rotis, these can be a treat on cheat day 😁
Buttermilk- Lightly salty.

Food: 8/10 (could've been spicier)
Price: ₹270 (excluding delivery charges

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