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From the House of Grubbery Always Hungry Deralakatte, comes a continental kitchen, whose recipes have literally globe-trotted. If you’re incredulous now, you’ll doubt no more once you try from their Burrata, Dukkah, Romesco, Harissa, Fettuccine, Charmoula, or Linguine. Confused? Read on...!

Charmoula Marinated Eggplant

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Beer battered fish may rest in peace. Hold up! What was that? Yes, you heard right. When thin slices of brinjal can be fried to resemble thin fish fillets this succulently, with a breadcrumb marinade of Parmesan(so we’re told) & Charmoula(a Maghreb parsley spice paste), they dispel all mental ickiness one often assigns to brinjal. The steamed Berber ‘Couscous’ or lemony Rava salad with bell peppers, parsley, almonds & PINEAPPLE, was a complex delight, but perhaps the final ingredient could be toned down a little, the tropical sweetness was for us at least, a bit overdone. Lastly, the Tunisian Rose petal Harissa mixed in, & provided separately(blended with yogurt) deepened the spice profile consummately. We were mindblown by this bowl. You might be too.

Food: 9/10

Price: ₹300

Burrata pasta


After the North-west African gastronomical sojourn of Charmoula & Harissa, this globular artisanal cheese dragged us by our tongues to South Italy. Burrata is a fresh, non aged creamy cheese with a stretchy Mozzarella casing, & a gooey centre of cream. These contrasting textures make this gleaming ball satisfying to tear into, although it doesn’t necessarily partner up with the al dente spaghetti for mouthfeel. The umami, chewy & juicy Shiitake mushrooms were a welcome addition to the mix for us. The nutty romesco sauce beneath the swirls complemented the spaghetti well. All in all, a mostly Italian pasta mix with Spanish & Japanese influence, & a great choice for slightly milder palates.

Food: 8.5/10

Price: ₹450

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